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03 Jun 16


Your bedroom is supposed to be your sanctuary, a place where you can lie down at the end of the day and let your worries drift away as you slip into a deep slumber. More often than not however our room turns into just another storage space – and let’s be honest, the climb over the mountain of clean but un-ironed washing isn’t the most relaxing way to get into bed on an evening.

When it comes to spring cleaning, our bedroom should be the one place we pay extra attention to. Since we spend so much time in it, we want it to be a relaxing and calming place to rest our weary heads.

By taking the time to spring clean your bedroom, it will give you back a peaceful night’s rest. Here is a simple checklist which you can work through to get the job done.

Why not make it a weekend project? Just put on some comfy clothes, turn up your favourite ‘cleaning’ music and work through our not-so-daunting list of simple tasks.

Strip your Bedding

We’re all in agreement that changing your bed sheets can be fiddly. Sometimes finding the corners seems like an impossible task but the feeling of a freshly made bed is like no other, right? It’s one of life’s little treats.

Start your bedroom spring clean by removing your bed sheets, decorative pillows, throw and mattress protector, then give them a good clean. Follow the directions on your bed linens’ labels and use our Lavender and Ylang Ylang Non Bio Laundry Liquid to remove dirt and leave your sheets with a beautiful, fresh scent that will last all day and night.

Tackle those Pillows

When was the last time you washed your pillows and duvet? Never? We thought so. Start by checking that you can machine wash them and if so, pop them into your washing machine on a low temperature.

Again, you can choose from our Lavender and Ylang Ylang Non Bio Laundry Liquid or Jasmine and Orange Flower Non Bio Laundry Liquid. As you dry your pillow cases, place two tennis balls in the machine as well. Trust us, it will help to bring back their fluff.

Clean under the Bed

Push aside the bed and clean under it. You might find the odd sock or two hiding! By pushing your bed away from the wall you’ll also be able to dust the skirting board that it was pressed up against. Not the most appealing task, we know that it will make all of the difference and you will know that you’ve gone from top to bottom – literally.

Conquer your Closets

We all know the feeling; you have too many clothes to fit into your closet, yet you never have anything to wear. If your wardrobe has your old school prom dress and a selection of white shirts and black skirts for work, it might be time to get ready for the new season.

Get some bin bags, be ruthless and have a good old tidy out. Remember to send anything that could still be used to a charity shop. Waste not, want not.

Top tip – if parting with you fashion past is a challenge, each time you wear an item of clothing turn the hook of your coat hanger the other way around. After a month you’ll be able to see which clothes are your staples and which are destined for a future elsewhere!

Bring back the Great British Sparkle

If you want to ensure that your windows and mirrors are glistening and free of streaky stains, turn your attention to our Window and Glass Cleaner. Thanks to the added natural cleaning power of vinegar, you will be able to cut through grease and grime to leave a crystal, streak free shine that sparkles like the spring sunshine.

Top tip – make sure you wash your windows on a cloudy day. If it is too sunny, the window cleaner will dry too fast and you’ll be left with smears and streaks, which is not a good look.

Tackle the Carpets

Give the carpets a good hoover making sure you use the tube to run down the skirting board, the hard to reach area the hoover can’t quite get to. Whilst the bed is pulled away from the wall take the opportunity to hoover under it, if you have one of those well-known bagless hoovers you’ll be amazed at the dust accumulated under a bed! Next, hands up who has tea stains on the carpet next to their bed having spilt a little whilst attempting to drink a cuppa in bed on a Saturday morning? We do. Remove them with our Carpet & Upholstery stain remover.

Flip that Mattress

Okay, before you give yourself a pat on the back, turn your mattress onto the other side and vacuum it. This will help to provide even wear of your mattress and give you a good – spring free – night’s sleep. Finish off by giving it a spritz of our fabric refresher to neutralise unpleasant odours giving an instant freshness and leaving a pleasant spring breeze scent.

Make the Bed

Put the linen back onto your bed, smooth the sheets and plump the pillows.

Putting your duvet cover back on doesn’t have to become a wrestling match, simply turn it inside out, grab the corner of the duvet and shake. The cover will fall over the duvet and into place – it’s really that simple and takes a matter of minutes.

The payoff will come at the end of the day when you slip back under the unruffled covers. Bliss! Enjoy a well-deserved 40 winks. After all that hard work, there’s no doubt you’ll be out like a light. Sweet dreams!

Our Bedroom Product Check List:

Note: Always read the back of pack instructions before using.


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