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01 Jul 16

Ask Astonish

It’s a tricky situation but many of us come across it so often in our daily lives – but what to do about it? What are we talking about – well limescale of course. It’s such a frustration and looks so unsightly but fear not, that’s why we created our Descaler Limescale Remover. Here’s a question that we often get asked, after all it’s ok finding these cleaning products that give you great value and fantastic results but how do you use them?

How is Astonish Descaler Limescale Remover used?

Astonish Descaler Limescale Remover is a concentrated acidic cleaner based on a naturally occurring food acid, known as citric acid.

It is designed for cleaning and removing limescale from kitchen appliances, such as kettles, coffee machines and steam irons and is intended to be diluted before use.

The product should be used as indicated on the label. To remove most limescale deposits dilute the product one-part product to 5 parts water and immerse the surfaces you wish to clean. The use of warm water will help to speed up the limescale removal process. Leave the surface immersed for a period of 30 minutes. For very heavy deposits the process may need to be repeated. After cleaning rinse the surfaces with clean water to remove any product residue.

The product will not generate any harmful by-products if boiled with water. In general, we do not recommend boiling as this increases the risk of splashing with a hot acidic fluid. If boiling has occurred, we would not expect any issues. Further health and safety information can be found on the product safety data sheet which can be downloaded here

For troublesome areas in the bathroom and kitchen including taps, shower heads and sinks, don’t forget you can also turn to our Ultimate Limescale Remover. The powerful formula will effectively remove tough limescale deposits even in hard water areas and if you use regularly it will even help to prevent the nasty crust from reforming – that’s one less job for you!

Stay tuned for further questions that we are frequently asked. Here at Astonish we don’t just say that we are professionals, we prove it!

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