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30 Nov 16

Ask Astonish

Footprints, moody paws, splashes and spills, there’s just no end to the dirt and grime that we find on our floors and that’s why it is so important that we look after them. Most people will mop their floor on a regular basis but do you then follow up with a good polish to really bring out that shine? Well, if not, then perhaps it’s time to try our Tangerine and Cinnamon Floor Polish.

As a question that is often asked to us here at Astonish towers, just to make it extra simple, here is a breakdown of how to apply the product and ensure that you end up with a floor that you could eat off – although we wouldn’t recommend it!

How is Astonish Floor Polish best applied?

Astonish Tangerine and Cinnamon Floor Polish is a special formula designed to polish and protect sealed wooden, laminate and linoleum floors. So long as the flooring is sealed, this product should be fine for use. If there are any doubts on suitability we would recommend you always follow the care and maintenance instructions provided by the floor manufacturer.

The polish is designed to be used neat, spread initially with a damp cloth and then mopped (using a damp mop) out across a wide area (typically 1m square) before it dries. It is best to apply the product in thin coats and we recommend two coats for best results leaving sufficient time between applications for the polish to dry completely. Mopping is recommended to get a thin and even layer of polish across the floor. After application rinse the mop with clean water to remove any polish residue.

Lab tests indicate that a good coating can be achieved using 10-15ml of product per square metre of floor. Results will depend on speed of application and temperature amongst other factors. A 750ml bottle will therefore provide enough product to coat 50-75 square metres of flooring or 25-37.5 square metres if two coats are used

It is also worth checking that your floor is well sealed before use. To do this simply place a drop of water on the floor and leave for 5 minutes. Wipe the floor and if the wood has been sealed well there will be no watermark left. Our products are only designed to be used on sealed wood. Unsealed or poorly sealed floors will adsorb the polish and reduce the surface coverage, so it’s best to check before application.

For best maintenance we recommend routine weekly cleaning with Jasmine and Wild Berry Wood Floor Cleaner (product reference C2557). Periodically the floor should be polished with Flawless Wood Floor Polish but this probably only needs to be done when the floor starts to become dull and loses its shine. Over time we recommend that the polish is removed with ammonia – this is usually after 5-6 coats have been applied.

Don’t forget to let us know if you have any questions that you would like answering. We are here to help and with a team of professionals (even some with letters after their names!) we can come back to you with simple suggestions that will cut your cleaning and your costs down to a minimum.

Note: Always read the back of pack instructions before using.

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