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31 Mar 17

Ask Astonish

As cleaning experts, we love nothing more than helping our lovely customers deal with their cleaning conundrums; sharing our top tips on tackling stubborn household chores and offering guidance on how to keep cleaning products in the very best condition.

The types of questions that we are asked are vast. So, to give you a helping hand, we have decided to share our customers’ questions and importantly our answers through our monthly ‘Ask Astonish’.

You may spot your cleaning questions in one of the Q&A’s featured, but if not feel free to drop us a line at and we’ll answer it for you. You never know, you might even get a life hack thrown in there too!

Can the Astonish Wood Floor Polish be used on lino, vinyl and tiles?

Of course, it can! The text on the back of the bottle has changed recently so we do not reference this any longer, however, we can assure you that it’s perfectly fine to use our Wood Floor Polish on lino, vinyl and tiles.

The technology and ingredients in our Tangerine and Cinnamon Wood Floor Polish has not changed and continues to restore beauty and shine whilst adding a protective scuff resistant layer. Polish away!

The Astonish Stainless Steel Cleaner is not removing fingerprints from my oven. What would you suggest?

Fingerprints are a nuisance whether on window, glass or stainless steel! Stainless steel appliances look great in a polished kitchen and will instantly increase the modernity of the room, but they are also known to attract fingerprints like a toddler’s grubby hand to a freshly lined white shirt.

The fingerprints on the appliance are probably oily in nature, so our Stainless Steel Cleaner should be strong enough to remove these annoyances. However, if it is dried on food residue then it would make more sense to turn your attention to a stronger degreaser such as our Kitchen Cleaner or Grease-Off Spray and Wipe. These are also alkali and will help to breakdown greasy and fatty stains.

The Kitchen Cleaner will work to remove tough kitchen grease and grime quickly and easily, leaving surfaces sparklingly clean, while the Grease Off Spray and Wipe has been specially formulated with the natural cleaning power of baking soda to remove grease, fat and burnt on food easily. Simply spray and wipe. For stubborn grease build ups, leave for 1-2 minutes before wiping clean.

You can use both of these products, then follow-up with a quick squirt and rub of our Stainless Steel Cleaner to add a sheen to the surface and leave it looking so gleaming that you can see your face in it.

Can the Astonish Mould and Mildew Remover be used to remove mould from new, bare wood prior to varnishing?

Unfortunately, we wouldn’t recommend that you use our Mould and Mildew Remover on new, bare wood. While it will remove the mould, it can damage the fibre structure of the wood causing swelling and a ‘puffed-up’ appearance as well as bleaching it.

Don’t forget that our Mould and Mildew Remover can be used on walls, uPVC window frames, glass, plastic shower curtains, bathroom tiles, grout and sink and plug holes. With its powerful bleach action, the trigger spray will remove even the toughest of mould and make black mildew stains a thing of the past!

Can the Astonish Ultimate Limescale Remover and Bathroom Cleaner be used on fibreglass baths and shower trays without damaging the gelcoat finish?

Yes, both of these products can be used on fibreglass baths and shower trays as they are water based detergents. The big watch out is that fibreglass is prone to scratching therefore we would recommend that abrasive products are to be avoided.

As always make sure you follow the instructions on the back of the bottles and, for peace of mind, before using across the whole of a surface simply test on a small area first.

That’s it for now. Keep your eyes peeled for next month’s Q&A which will be appearing soon. Here at Astonish we don’t just say that we are professionals, we prove it!

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