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08 Apr 16

Ask Astonish

Here at Astonish we get a number of regularly asked questions and we are more than happy to provide our fans with some answers and top tips to keeping their cleaning products in the very best condition. So, starting with our Oven and Cookware Cleaner here is one of the most common questions that we have submitted with some really simple solutions to help you out of a pickle!

My Astonish Oven and Cookware Paste has solidified, is there anything that can be done to return it to its original consistency?

If the top layer of the product has solidified then it is best to remove the hard layer and add a little warm water to the product. If the product has fully solidified try gradually adding a little warm water and work into the paste.

Standing the tub in a bowl of hot water will help the paste to soften. The product will normally solidify if the top is not put on properly, so always make sure the lid is fully sealed after use.

If the paste is not used often, avoid any hardening by adding a tablespoon of warm water to the product before sealing the lid. If the lid is damaged and the seal is poor then just place a layer of cling film over the top to prevent it drying out.

You no longer need to throw out your paste when it goes hard, at Astonish we are all about value and with these suggestions your cleaning products will last much longer.

We’ll be answering more of your most commonly asked questions over the next few weeks and providing a solution to the problem, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled.

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