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30 Oct 15

RSPCA Promotion

Astonish RSPCA Antibacterial Cleanser V2.pngRSPCA Label

As a British manufacturer of ‘cruelty free’ cleaning products the welfare of animals is at the heart of everything that we do! We’re proud to be certified by the Leaping Bunny program and Vegetarian Society Approved as well as registered with the Vegan Society. So much so that we’re supporting the RSPCA by raising no less than £10,000 to improve the lives of our furry friends throughout England and Wales!

From October we’ll be launching a special, limited edition Antibacterial Cleanser trigger spray and donating 4p from each of the 250,000 bottles sold, to the UK’s oldest and largest animal welfare charity. The vital funds will be used to invest in the ongoing work of the charity, to improve animal welfare throughout England and Wales.

  • The total amount, which will be no less than £10,000, can help provide the following:
  • Run one of the RSPCA’s animal centres for 7 days OR
  • Pay for 63 RSPCA Inspectors to be on the road for a day OR
  • Cover the cost of running one of the RSPCA’s hospitals for 3 days OR
  • Pay to answer 1844 calls to the RSPCA’s 24hr cruelty line OR
  • Provide 54,000 meals for puppies in the RSPCA’s care OR
  • Provide 29,680 meals for adult dogs in the RSPCA’s care OR
  • Provide 137,816 meals for kittens in the RSPCA’s care OR
  • Provide 119,100 meals for adult cats in the RSPCA’s care

If you would like to show your support for the campaign make sure you look out for the special RSPCA bottles which feature an on-pack flash in 99p Stores, Savers, B&M Bargains, ASDA, Tesco, The Range and Ocado amongst other leading retailers. 

Our Antibacterial Cleanser is ideal for use in the kitchen, bathroom and on all food preparation surfaces to kill 99.9% of all common germs leaving surfaces hygienically clean. Its odourless, non-bleach formula also means that it can be used around children or pets.

If using around pets, please make sure you take note of the following: For safe use of the Astonish Antibacterial Cleanser around pets it is recommended that they are removed from the immediate area during application to minimise contact. Surfaces should be allowed to dry completely before pets are reintroduced to avoid risk of ingesting the product from licking wet paws or getting the product in their eyes. Should a pet make contact with the Cleanser, immediately wash the contaminated area with clean water to remove any product residue and seek veterinary advice (take the product label with you).

The RSPCA name and logo are trademarks of the RSPCA used by Astonish under license from the RSPCA Trading Ltd RSPCA Trading Ltd (Which pays all its taxable profits to the RSPCA, registered in England and Wales Charity No.219099) will receive a minimum of £10,000 from the sale of the product range. The RSPCA helps animals in England and Wales. Registered charity No.219099RSPCA 2015

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