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20 Sep 16


“Aww don’t they look gorgeous!” The phrase on everyone’s lips as the little (and big) kids head back to school. In that moment of bliss, when uniforms are crease free, shoes shiny, socks bright white and hair pristine, parents preen in the knowledge that they’ve finally managed back to school!

Long forgotten is the stress that has got them to that very moment (unless of course they’re ultra efficient and had the full uniform at day two of the holidays!). Buried deep within the mind are the hours spent clutching that small ticket whilst queuing for feet to be measured, only to find that they simply don’t have any left in your size, or the hunt for the school skirt that your daughter ‘just has to have!’

For many we have to grasp that blissful feeling because we know that it doesn’t last. Let’s face it, that first week is a real adventure for the children – or at least it feels like it!

It must be! After all shoes come back caked in mud and scratched after the mini David Beckham has played the world cup every lunch time on the rough playground. Pristine white school t-shirts (why white!!) have the remnants of meatballs, because little Lou was ‘soooo’ hungry after their first morning of excitement that they accidently missed their mouth. They also hiked across the moors during lunch and brought back a souvenir of a grass stain on the left knee. And, let’s not forget the colour of the soles of socks! Now that’s another story!

But, does it really matter? Absolutely not. Just enjoy the moment, especially when we have taken the time to go back to the classroom to develop a range of products that will bring your uniform back to its best – day in, day out.

Our back to school laundry busters should certainly do the trick, making your life as a parent just that little bit easier whilst helping your child to reach the top of the class when it comes to looking smart.

To complement your standard wash, we would recommend two key products, the Oxy Plus Stain Remover and also the Stain Remover Target Spray.

The Oxy Plus Stain remover is the perfect cleaner to clean and brighten white school shirts and sock. For ground in dirt you can soak the garment before popping in the wash – take a look on the pack for instruction for both quick and overnight soaking.

To banish troublesome marks such as crayon, grass and pen stains then you need the Stain Remover Target Spray. Easy to use this is a life saver for those hard to remove reminders of school day fun.

Note: Always read the back of pack instructions before using.

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