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04 Nov 16

British Households Rely on Home Help for ‘Boring Jobs’

Many people consider cleaning to be a task or a chore, while others get great satisfaction out of scrubbing their floors and cleaning their surfaces until they shine. It would appear however that according to an article which featured in The Times, more than a third of British households now employ domestic help compared with only a quarter five years ago.

It’s not difficult to understand why this change has come about when you consider that there are more working couples holding down full time jobs, while also trying to have some kind of work life balance, in an increasingly busy and demanding society.

Still, what was most interesting about the piece was that one in seven people under 35 have a cleaner, with many considering the tasks to be too boring. In addition, when challenged they said they had better things to do with their time.

And so, we have to ask, have we created a generation of lazy-lay-abouts that would rather watch a good box set or play on a computer game than pick up a duster? Do they even know one end of a hoover to another, never mind what to do with it? Have we become so distracted by digital technologies that we no longer care about our living space and the environment we call home? *GASP*

We think not.

The reality is that people are busy and they have more of a disposable income, particularly when you are considering two income households. In addition, cleaning has become an obvious career for some people who enjoy flexible working hours and a job that they don’t necessarily need academic qualifications to fulfill to the best of their ability.

The good news is that this is creating a growing industry of dusting domestics with approximately 2 million part or full time cleaners across the country according to the Work Foundation.

Of those who were surveyed and hire help, The Times reported that one in four hire window cleaners, nearly a fifth employ gardeners, one in 10 have cleaners and close to one in 20 hire handymen for jobs around the house.

Whether you choose to pass your household chores to a cleaner or you do them yourself there are ways in which you can save money and still get the results that you would expect. With our range of products you can rest assured that there is a trigger spray, paste or cleaner that will deliver top marks.

Perhaps it is time that we passed on some skills to the next generation, just in case they do decide to roll their sleeves up, so here are some helpful tips for those who may not love to clean their homes as much as we do but know that a little effort will go a long way.


Simply spray on our Window and Glass Cleaner, wipe immediately with a dry paper towel or lint-free cloth for sparkling results.


Take a bucket of warm water and add approximately 1 ½ caps of the Astonish floor cleaner to your bucket. We have two lovely fragrances to choose from, Lime and Bergamot Floor Cleaner or our Fresh Sea Mist Floor Cleaner so you can pick your favourite. Put the mop in the bucket and ring the head so that it isn’t dripping wet. Clean the floor with the mop creating figures of eight so that all dirt is removed. Leave to dry.


Whether it’s our Antibacterial Cleanser that gets rid of up to 99.9% of germs or our kitchen or bathroom cleaner you can rely on Astonish. Spray the surface, leave and wipe clear. So simple but the results are… well, astonishing.

 Tiles and grout

Our Grout and Tile Restorer is a real marvel – if we do say so ourselves. With the special trigger spray the foam clings to the walls. Leave it for five minutes to ten minutes then gently scrub with a soft brush or cloth rinsing well with clean water to finish. Not only will the tiles be clean but the grout will visibly whiten too. We’ve had people say that they have saved money as a result of this product; rather than remove and replace their tiles they have used this instead.

So, here’s to encouraging a balance of domestic help with some good old elbow grease. We are sure that if we did just a little bit more around the home we could all have our pots clean and windows that shine so we could all go out and do other things with our spare time.


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