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09 Aug 16


There’s nothing like a good old British bargain to put a smile on your face and as Yorkshire folk you can bet your bottom dollar (or last brass farthing) that if there’s a bargain to be had we will know about it. We are never happier than when we are saving pennies, after all they make pounds, but there is a strict rule with this principle – value should never mean a compromise on quality.

When we are developing the Astonish range we never lose sight of this. Not only do our products have to perform well, but they have to be as good as – if not better – than our leading competitors. There’s no point in striving to be second best, and with more than 40 years of experience we would never dream of delivering substandard to our customers.

People are often really surprised when they find out that most of our products have an RRP of just £1 but we know that we have the knowledge and the expertise within our team to create the very best range that gives you the results you are looking for, while being kind to your wallet too.

Also, for those who love to bag a good bargain, why stock up with cleaning products because they are two-for-one or buy one get one free when you can rely on every-day low prices when you choose Astonish?

Whether your washing windows, wiping surfaces, cleaning kitchens and bathrooms or mopping floors we have it covered and we know that if you switch to Astonish, presuming of course you aren’t already a dedicated purchaser, you won’t be disappointed.

Doing some quick sums against our competition, if we were to purchase a kitchen cleaner, a bathroom cleaner, a floor disinfectant and an anti-bacterial trigger spray from other named brands in the market we could save an impressive £8.03p* on just those four items.

Now, consider that over a year and you may not have a break to the Bahamas but you could have a new top or a meal for two.

What we believe in is delivering excellent quality at good prices. You see although we are cheerful we know that low cost often means poor performing and that just simply isn’t us.

Going back to our Yorkshire ways, there is a saying: ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ but we disagree. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being thrifty, if you are also nifty (we know, we’re good aren’t we!) enough to know what you’re looking for.

Next time you’re out on a shopping trip for cleaning products look out for Astonish. There’s no harm in trying our range and as all products are also Vegetarian Society Approved and registered with the Vegan Society and Cruelty Free International, we deliver added benefits – you can clean with a clear conscience.

Remember to share your experiences with us, we are always keen to hear feedback and remember you can post to Facebook or Twitter, as well as sending direct messages and emails.

*No independent consumer research was commissioned to come up with this figure. We simply put the product description into a well-known search engine and took the price of the first like for like product available.

Note: Always read the back of pack instructions before using.


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