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14 Oct 16

Chocolate Week – Celebrate the Sweet Stuff without the Mess

Here at the Astonish HQ we have to admit that we have something of a sweet tooth. We love a square (or two) of chocolate – and it turns out that we’re not the only ones.

A survey has revealed that the average chocolate eater in the UK gets through three chocolate bars a week – that’s more than 150 a year.

In fact, us Brits are munching through so much of the sweet stuff, we’re being forced to scoff it in secret as almost half of us are lying to our partners about how much we’re tucking into. Now where did we leave that bar…..

It’s no surprise then, that we have a national day to celebrate the sweet stuff and satisfy our cravings. Taking place from the 10th-16th October, if you’re an absolute choc-aholic, you’re going to love Chocolate Week!

But what you won’t love so much is the mess that chocolate can make. Whether melted on clothes, sofas or carpets, chocolate can be tricky to remove.

As chocolate has such a low melting point and is made from milk solids and coco, it is a laundress’ nightmare. But with a helping hand from Astonish you can say goodbye to chocolate stains and still join in with the chocolatey celebrations.

Just follow these sweet tips for removing chocolate stains from fabrics and carpets.


  1. Start by gently drying off as much of the excess chocolate as you can making sure not to push the stain deeper into fibres as this will only make it worse.
  2. Next, flush out as much of the chocolate as you can by running the clothing under the cold water tap from the back of the stain.
  3. Soak the stained material in our Stain Remover Target Spray for at least 30 minutes before washing with one of our laundry liquids. Available in a range of delicious scents including Lavender & Ylang Ylang, Jasmine & Orange Flower and for delicate fabrics such as wool or silk our Peony & Magnolia the choice is yours! For tougher stains turn your attention to our Oxy Plus Stain Remover – it’s a life saver for removing pesky marks.


  1. Act quickly by gently brushing and loosening the stain, before vacuuming up or brushing off into a dustpan.
  2. Then dab the stain with water to avoid damaging the carpet pile. Take care not to flood the area and dab gently until the stain is removed.
  3. Sponge with clean water to rinse and then apply our Carpet & Upholstery Target Spray to loosen and lift away tough stains.
  4. Finally, dab and blot off the stain using a piece of kitchen towel or a sponge. Allow to dry and then vacuum to remove any final residue and restore the natural appearance back to the carpet pile. Voila!

So this National Chocolate Week settle down with your chocolate bar of choice and enjoy, safe in the knowledge that you can tackle any sweet stain!

A chocolate hit minus the guilt

If you’re watching your waistline it doesn’t have to mean that you have to miss out, as we have a guilt free chocolate fix, no honestly we do!

Our Chocolate Orange Hand Wash with antibacterial action and added moisturiser, is kind to your hands and will leave them feeling silky soft. Better still, with a lingering aroma that will satisfy your sweet cravings.

At just £1 for a 500ml bottle you can use the hand wash in every room in the house and still have plenty of pennies left over to add just one extra bar to your basket this year – oh go on, you deserve it.

Note: Always read the back of pack instructions before using.


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