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07 Jan 16

Cleaning the Kitchen

The kitchen is often the central point in the home. We prepare food at least three times a day, we grab snacks, drinks, you could say it is the engine room of the home, so it needs constant work to keep it clean and running smoothly! In addition to food preparation, we may also have our laundry machines in the kitchen, along with a rubbish bin, so it is safe to say it is the busiest room in the home!

One downfall of the kitchen being the central point is that clutter can build up on the unit. It starts with mail, kids pictures from school, hats, gloves, books, keys, recipes and of course cups and plates that have been dumped by the lazy ones!

First job… de-clutter! Gather everything up and put it in its place, open your mail, then file it or bin it! Take the kids toys to their place, if you are in a rush, place the little bits in that draw that seems to be full of random things, you can promise yourself you’ll sort that later!

Now, clean clean clean!! It is so important that food is prepared in a clean and hygienic environment. Lack of cleanliness and food hygiene can lead to sickness and food poisoning. Use an antibacterial cleaning spray (we have a very effective spray to help you!) Bacteria is everywhere and yes some of it is good and we need to keep the balance right but in excessive concentrations it can be harmful. Therefore dirty dishes should be cleaned straight away to stop bacteria from multiplying, of course, we have a range of super duper antibacterial washing up liquids to leave your dishes squeaky clean!

Remember to keep your floor clean, as the kitchen is probably the first room you walk into from the outside. The floor will be picking up lots of dirt and bacteria, plus food often falls from the surfaces and may start to grow some mould if you don’t clean it up. The easiest way to clean your floor would be with our floor cleaning range, suitable for all floors, including ceramic tiles, laminate, vinyl & Lino floors.

Quick checklist to keep your kitchen ship shape:

  1. De-clutter all your surfaces
  2.  Clean surfaces with an antibacterial or multi surface cleaning spray
  3. Wash up after every meal
  4. Use a covered bin and empty regularly
  5. Keep your floor clean
  6. Keep separate towels for hands and dishes

If you are living in a busy home, make some rules! Kids have a habit of leaving draws open, scattering plates and food everywhere, it’s not just the kids either! Draw up a list of essential rules like, putting food back in its place,  putting dishes in the dishwasher, or placing the plates in the sink (washing up would be a bonus!) but young ones may not be ready for that!  The little things will become a habit and lead to a clean and tidier kitchen!

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