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17 Mar 17

Don’t Get in a Spin with Laundry – Follow these Top Tips

Whether you are running errands, picking the kids up from school or heading to a meeting for work, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. And that’s before we even consider all the chores that we need to get done when we get home!

If you are frustrated at trying to fit the washing, ironing, cooking and cleaning into your already busy schedule, Astonish is on hand with some useful laundry tips. Not only will this advice help you to tick everything off your task list, you’ll also have some free time to unwind and relax. *Sigh

Handy baskets

Make sure you keep your dirty clothes organised and ready to throw into the washing machine in a jiffy. There are a whole load of bright and colourful laundry bags and baskets that will do just the job.

Even better, why not let the children decorate their own laundry basket. Grab a plain coloured one, some fabric paint and markers and let them get creative. They can personalise the basket to their own taste and mark their initials onto it too. This way youngsters will be so excited to use their creations that they will put dirty clothes in the basket and not on the floor!

Place laundry baskets in your bathroom

The best place for laundry baskets is in the bathroom, after all when you do put a load in you can also grab dirty towels too. It will save you making several trips upstairs and make the job a whole lot easier!

Always missing buttons

If you are lucky enough to have a utility room, make sure you hang up a bag for any clothes that need repairing.

When you have a spare minute or two (we can all wish!) you will be able to mend an item or if there just isn’t the time wait until the bag gets full and take it to the tailors to fix.

Spotting stains

If you are always spotting stains on ‘just washed’ clothes when hanging them up to dry, invest in a colourful set of clip pegs and attach them to the side of your laundry basket. Ask family members to pin them on clothing to mark stains or spills making them more visible. This should stop you from having to put mucky clothes through the wash twice!

Lonesome laundry

Does matching up lone socks leave your feeling frustrated? It can sometimes feel like you are searching for a needle in a haystack!

To keep the smallest items from going into the ‘black hole in the washing machine’ pin dirty socks together at the ankle when you take them off. Simply store safety pins near your laundry basket and when throwing in your dirty socks stick a pin to them.

Still struggling with mismatched socks? Pin lone socks onto a notice board and you’ll instantly know when you have found their other half and are able to reunite them.

For underwear, invest in net washing bags that can be popped directly into the washing machine. Give each family member a different coloured bag so you’ll know which one belongs to whom.

Savvy washer

So, you have all your laundry sorted, but now you just need to find the time to complete the job.

Dedicate a day for laundry or if this doesn’t suit, do a little at a time. Put a load in each night and take it out to dry before going to bed. Make it a bedtime ritual just like locking the doors and turning off the lights before you head upstairs to get 40 winks.

The labels on clothes can be confusing. One item may need to be washed at 40 degrees and the other cold, save yourself from scratching your head and shrinking your favourite top by marking the tags of delicate clothes with a marker.

We have all been there, you load the washing machine and go to reach for washing detergent only to find that it’s all gone. Make the job quicker and easier while saving yourself from having to run to the shops by buying extra bottles stored and ready.

With Astonish’s laundry liquid available in three scents including Lavender and Ylang Ylang, Jasmine and Orange Flower, and Peony and Magnolia retailing at only £1.99 you can buy a couple of these without feeling the pinch.

We would all love to speed up the laundry process especially when we have a bulging laundry basket and difficult stains to remove. Armed with a few tricks of the trade that can be spun into your everyday routine, you can speed through the mountain of laundry giving you more time to relax on a Sunday

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