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24 Mar 16

Enjoy a Taste of Easter Minus the Guilt and Mess

It’s official, spring has finally sprung. The new season traditionally starts on the 20/21 March and whilst the birds may be chirping and the flowers blooming, the recent weather doesn’t seem to have quite caught up with the frosts and chilly breeze leaving us reaching for our hats, scarfs and gloves.

Still, there is also another reason to add an extra hop, skip and jump as you leave the front door this week – Easter is here!

The occasion has fallen early this year with Good Friday being tomorrow (25th March) and Easter Sunday on the 27th. We’re not complaining though. With Christmas feeling like a distant memory now (sigh!) Easter is the perfect time to relax and recharge those batteries.

Here at Astonish HQ we think Easter is simply ‘cracking’ (sorry, we just couldn’t help ourselves!). Not only does it signal a four-day weekend (yippee), but it is also that time of the year when we can either get together with family and friends, head off for a few days away or have some fun and join in with an Easter Egg Hunt.

Not forgetting that Easter is typically a time for over indulgence. With roast dinners, Easter eggs and hot cross buns on the menu it is little wonder that we are left feeling stuffed to the brim. But if you’re watching your waist line then fear not, as we have a guilt free chocolate fix, no honestly we do!

Our Chocolate Orange Hand Wash with antibacterial action and added moisturiser, is kind to your hands and will leave them feeling silky soft. Better still, with a lingering aroma that will satisfy your sweet cravings.

At just £1 for a 500ml bottle you can use the hand wash in every room in the house and still have plenty of pennies left over to add just one extra egg to your basket this year – oh go on, you deserve it.

After all, for little ones there’s no getting away from the fact that they will want to indulge in an Easter Egg or two. What youngster – never mind the adults – doesn’t love chocolate? And we really do believe it is awesome until of course it melts onto clothes, sofas or carpets and then it’s just awful. Eek!

As chocolate has such a low melting temperature and is made from milk solids and coco, it’s a laundress’ nightmare. But with a helping hand from Astonish, you can say goodbye to chocolate stains and still join in with the celebrations.

Just follow these ‘eggcellent’ tips to remove chocolate stains:


  1. To remove chocolate stains from clothes or washable fabrics, start by gently drying off as much of the excess chocolate as you can. Make sure you take care not to push the stain deeper into fibres as this will only make it worse.
  2. Next, flush out as much of the chocolate as you can by running the clothing under the cold water tap from the back of the stain.
  3. Soak the stained material in our Stain Remover Target Spray for a least 30 minutes before washing with one of our laundry liquids, which is available in a range of delicious scents including Lavender & Ylang Ylang, Jasmine & Orange Flower and for delicate fabrics such as wool or silk our Peony & Magnolia. To boost the stain removal there’s also our Oxy Pus Stain Remover.


Has your little one sat on chocolate and melted it into the carpet or couch? Never fear, your stain remover solution is here!

  1. First of all, act quickly by gently brushing and loosening the stain, before vacuuming up or brushing off into a dustpan.
  2. Then dab the stain with water to avoid damaging the carpet pile. Take care not to flood the area and dab gently until the stain is removed.
  3. Sponge with clean water to rinse and then apply our Carpet & Upholstery Target Spray to loosen and lift away tough stains.
  4. Finally, dab and blot off the stain using kitchen towel or a sponge. Allow to dry and then vacuum to remove any final residue and to restore the natural appearance back to the carpet pile. Voila! You’ll never guess that you had a little ‘eggcident’.

We’d love to know what your plans are for the Easter holiday. Simply drop us a message on our Twitter @Astonishcleaner or Facebook page.

Wishing you all an ‘eggscellent’ Easter and a fun-filled ‘eggstended’ break. Ok, we’ll go now. Have a great time and don’t forget our top tips should you want to do a spot of cleaning to turn your house into an Astonishing home.

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