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In the FAQs section you will hopefully find instant answers to any questions, if you don’t then please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email, details are on the homepage.

Is the entire Astonish range not tested on animals?

The simple answer is yes! We’ve never tested on animals since we were established over 40 years ago. We’re proud to be approved by Cruelty Free International, look out for the leaping bunny logo on pack.

Is the entire Astonish range suitable for Vegans?

Our entire range is free from any animal derived ingredients. We push our suppliers hard to ensure this is the case, no compromises. We’re proud to be registered with the vegan society. You’ll find the Vegan society accreditation across the range with the exception of our leather cleaner and car care tar and insect remover. Not because these products contain any animal ingredients but due to the nature of the items these products can potentially clean.

Where can I find my nearest stockist?

You can find your nearest stockist for specific products listed under the ‘Buy Now’ section next to each product on our product page. Or simply click here and select the product you’re interested in.

Alternatively you can buy online. The following retailers all stock a large range of Astonish products for delivery:


Do your products contain palm oil?

We have a policy of not using animal derived materials in any of our products, therefore we use plant based materials. Those materials can be natural or synthetic, sourcing materials from natural and sustainable sources.

We do not procure or use crude palm oil or palm kernel oil in any of our Astonish cleaning products. We have no plans to use either of these materials in the future!

Many soaps and active ingredients in detergents (also known as surfactants) are derived from palm oil and palm kernel oil. They are often used interchangeably with other plant derived materials (based on rapeseed or coconut oils) or synthetic materials, We do use some of these derivatives in 3 products, (stain remover bar, Oven and cookware paste and the pro paste)

Palm oil can also be the source for oleic acid which is widely used as the basis for soaps in a number of cleaning products. We do not use oleic acid in our cleaning products.

Have Astonish products changed?

Yes! We have invested in new packaging for our 750ml trigger sprays and all our floor cleaning bottles.  The trigger sprays may have also had a name change, for instance, our 4 in 1 spray is now called Germ Clear Disinfectant. Our popular Fabric refresher is now called Cotton Fresh, but it is the same formula. Our famous oven and cookware paste has changed in it’s packaging and size! We invested in market research and discovered customers loved our paste.. but not the pot it was in.. too deep, a lid that wouldn’t always close resulting the the paste drying out.. so, we have a flatter pack and enough paste to stay fresh, plus we have some specialist versions with an enhanced paste and a free applicator.  Our floor cleaner bottles, descaler and concentrated germ clear are now in a massive 1 Litre bottle! Even more for your money!

why are your old products on this site?

Great question! We are about to launch a new website so please look out for it!

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