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09 Feb 16

Flipping ‘Eck it’s only Pancake Day

Households up and down the country have been counting down to today (Tuesday 9th February) for ages. It’s not because a new series of that cop drama set just down the road in Sowerby Bridge is back on our screens, but because it’s Pancake Day! Yes, it’s that one day of the year when you can eat as many pancakes as you like for breakfast, lunch and tea and get away with it.

People go flipping mad for Pancake Day. It’s one of those days when the whole family can join in the fun with the whisking of the pancake batter, heating up of the frying pan and preparation of whatever crazy combination of toppings you want.

And let’s not forget the annual family pancake flipping competition. It’s where everyone including Mum and Dad gets that little bit too competitive and come out fighting to be crowned the King or Queen of the annual pancake flipping championships.

Now here comes the really good part. Once made, it’s time to munch your way through a huge mountain of fresh, delicious pancakes. Mmmm, we can almost smell the sweet scent….*tummy rumbles*

Making the pancakes is great fun, but what’s not so exciting is the cleaning up afterwards. Boooo! With burnt on pancake batter, grease splattered all over the hob (after all the kids were helping!) and dirty pans, as well as a couple of stray pancakes on the floor thanks to a few heavy handed family members, the cleaning up can leave you flipping out (we’re good aren’t we!).

Pancake 1

Here at Astonish we aim to do just that …. astonish. Making light work of the cleaning up after Pancake Day, we have put together a handy how to guide to ensure you have your kitchen back to normal in no time at all:

  1. Assess the damage – stand back and look at where the mess is. Are your kitchen worktops splattered in left over batter? Can you find your hob underneath the grease and grime? Do you have one or two pancakes that have been let loose on the floor or ceiling? Well there should be it’s all about having fun after all!
  2. Tackle your pan first – Our Grease Lifter Tablets will have them ship shape in no time. These nifty tablets will remove the toughest burnt on grease and grime from pans. Yes, even those used for making pancakes! Simply fill the sink with boiling water, add one tablet or half of one depending on the size of your pan and leave for 30 minutes. Whilst the tablet is working its magic on your pan, you can move onto the next job.
  3. Kitchen worktops come second – using our Multi-surface with orange simply give your worktops a good, old squirt – one, two, three times make sure that they are entirely covered. Now here comes the important part, wait 5 minutes before wiping down with a clean, wet cloth. Dried batter can take some serious scrubbing to get rid of, so make sure you tackle the tricky parts first before giving it all a final wipe over.
  4. Move onto your hob – come on get those sleeves rolled up, it’s time for a real work out. This is the bit you’ve been dreading but with Astonish never fear. Our Hob Cleaner will cut through burnt on stains in a jiffy, leaving your hob with a sparkling clean finish. What’s more, as the cleaner features a conditioning formula you’ll be able to build up a protective layer with a beautiful shine.
  5. Sweep clean your kitchen floor –We all know that one or two pancakes can end up in a heap on the floor. That’s where we can help with our Fresh Sea Mist Floor Cleaner. This multipurpose cleaner that has been specially formulated to easily remove stubborn dirt and grime from floors, means you’ll have a floor that is good enough to eat from, although the kitchen table is still the better option.
  6. It’s back to the sink – Wash up the remainder of your pancake tools using one of our wash-ups. Available in three sweet scents including Aloe and Water Lily, Mango and Freesia and Lemon and Ginger this product will make light work of dirty dishes. Alternatively, if you’re lucky enough to have a dishwasher, let it do all the hard work. Pop in one of our All in 1 Dishwasher Tablets for sparkling clean cookware and cutlery.

Sit back and relax – Phew! You’ve done all the hard work now. And doesn’t your kitchen look fabulously clean. Don’t say we never do anything for you. Now it’s time to flick on the kettle and make yourself a nice cuppa. You might even catch that high action drama set in Sowerby Bridge. Well, after all the dirt in that kitchen was just criminal *groan*.

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