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03 Mar 16

Give your Mum a helping hand this Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is nearly upon us, that’s the 6th March for those that have missed the hints, you know, those post it notes on the fridge door and subtle references to that memorable occasion that is coming up some time soon.

If you were thinking of spending your money on flowers or chocolates, then why not do something completely different to get you some extra brownie points, make a real impression and tell your Mum in no uncertain terms that she is cared for and appreciated.

This Mother’s Day why don’t you let your Mum put her feet up while you do the household chores?

Now before you start, it doesn’t matter how old you are, it seems to be a collective thought that Mum’s are taken for granted and that their efforts to keep the house clean and tidy are all but ignored by the rest of the family – so let’s do something, just this once, to change that.

Now when we say takeover the household chores for the day, we don’t mean just cooking a Sunday lunch. Nope, you’ve got to go one step further and really pull your finger out – and possibly a duster and the hoover too!

But don’t panic, help is at hand and with our handy guide you’ll feel like the queen (or king) of clean by the time you’ve finished and there’s no doubt that your efforts will say ‘I love you’ even if it’s not in the most conventional way.

  • Tackle the Laundry Mountain


We know that doing the laundry can be a real bore, but it has to be done – no there really isn’t a washing fairy, that’s just Mum! Our non-bio laundry liquid will make light work of a mound of dirty clothes.

The versatile liquid can be used for everyday washing, pre-treating stains and for soaking heavily soiled items. The super concentrated formula, which will help Mum to save some pennies, is tough on dirt whilst being gentle on fabrics, leaving colours vibrant and whites brighter.

Dermatologically tested and with a conditioning system, your clothes will feel soft and gentle on your skin. Ahhhhh…

What’s more, our laundry liquid is enriched with fabulously fresh scents including Lavender & Ylang Ylang and Jasmine & Orange Flower, so your clothes will smell beautiful all day long.

There’s also a non-bio delicate laundry liquid for Mum’s posh frocks, but do remember to check with her first as some may need to be hand washed or dry cleaned. She won’t thank you for shrinking her favourite cashmere jumper!

  • Spruce up the Bathroom


Whilst you’ve got a load of washing on the go, head upstairs to tackle the bathroom. It’s not the most pleasant of jobs and a common cleaning bore for many people, so take the hassle away from Mum and give the sink, toilet, bath and shower a good, old clean with the aid of our Bathroom Cleaner.

The powerful cleaning formula will easily lift and remove bathroom dirt including limescale, soap scum and watermarks to leave a long lasting and streak free shine and best of all, with minimal scrubbing. That means little elbow grease required from you!

The nifty trigger spray can be used on wash basins, baths, taps, tiles, shower heads and chrome, leaving a fresh and pleasant scent.

For some extra brownie points why not treat Mum to a long hot soak. It will leave her feeling extra special and all relaxed.

For a little additional luxury put a bottle of our Silke Soft Antibacterial Hand Wash near the sink. It will leave hands hydrated and nourished thanks to added moisturiser and vitamin E, as well as being hygienically clean.

  • Cook a Meal AND Wash Up


There’s nothing better than having a meal cooked for you – especially if you do most of the cooking during the week! So put on your apron, turn on the oven and get busy cooking Mum a delicious Sunday roast.

Once bellies are full and you’ve received some well-earned praise (Master Chef here you come), it’s time to do the dishes. It’s all part of the cooking process, unfortunately!

It needn’t be hard work though with our powerful, specially formulated washing up liquid to cut through grease and food residue leaving pots, pans and glasses sparkling clean in no time at all.

With the added bonus of an antibacterial action preventing the spread of bacteria on the sponge and an innovative top down design ensuring that every last drop is used you can’t go wrong. There’s also three fabulous varieties to choose from including Aloe & Water Lily, Mango & Freesia and Lemon & Ginger.

It’s dermatologically tested and so can be used by the whole family – even young hands, so get the kids involved too!

And if you are lucky enough to have a dishwasher let that do the hard work for you. Simply pop in one of our All in 1 Dishwasher Tablets to a dishwasher full of dirty pots and pans and leave it to it. Just make sure you empty it afterwards and put the dishes and cutlery away again. It’s Mum’s special day after all.

To really impress Mum, blitz the kitchen with our Kitchen Cleaner in a handy trigger spray.  It’s specially formulated with a powerful cleaning action to remove tough kitchen grease and grime. But don’t worry, it’s quick and easy to use with a fresh lemon and grapefruit scent to leave your surfaces gleaming.

Now that wasn’t too bad after all was it? It might even become a regular occurrence. Nah, we didn’t think so either!

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