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28 Sep 16


Just a few weeks into The Great British Bake Off and we’re hooked – just like the rest of the nation!

We’ve welcomed back Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood and a fresh batch of bakers with open arms, savouring every moment that they spend cooking up some tasty offerings in the magnificent culinary haven – the Bake Off tent.

We’ve already witnessed some highs – the wonderful ginger bread pub; some lows – a gingerbread church that just didn’t have the right foundations; a few laughs involving jugs; a few debates – is a Jaffa a cake or a biscuit; and a few tears too – every week when we see a contestant dust the flour from their pinny to return to their own kitchen, which for some reason will never be the same again!

But for many when it gets to 9:00pm on a Wednesday evening our love for the show just doesn’t stop there! We day dream about our own show stopper, wonder how we would fare in the technical challenge and set too with our own signature dish. We bake, glaze, decorate, steam, melt and prove with renewed passion and enthusiasm.

Yet sometimes, when we cook up a storm, it really does look like it too!

Just how do we manage to get the flour 2 feet from our cooking area? Surely there’s more chocolate on the cupboard doors than on those rice crispy buns! The grease, now we best not get started with the slivers of butter that slide across the worktops and the cooker that seems to have disappeared beneath a thin yet significant layer of… something!

To help leave your kitchen spotlessly clean, just like the bake off tent, we’ve given some thought to what would be our very own Great British Clean Off.

Now these products will take care of the whole kitchen – from floor to ceiling (well almost) and we’ve added in one just for you too.

We also promise that the cleaning part will not dull your enthusiasm for the big bake and that it will be done quick smart whilst your cookies cool.

1.       First we have the Grease Off Spray and Wipe  to remove stubborn grease build ups.

2.       The Antibacterial Cleanser – to kill 99.9% of germs to leave your kitchen worktops clean enough to eat off.

3.       The Oven and Cookware Cleaner – which has been astonishing households for over 40 years with its amazing versatility especially when it comes to the cookers and those pans and trays that look like they have seen better days!

4.       Fresh Sea Mist Floor Cleaner – ahhh that gentle breeze.

5.       Clean and Protect hand wash – because we need to look after our hands too!

Ok, we can start all over again. So, on your marks, get set, bake!

Note: Always read the back of pack instructions before using.


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