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18 Mar 16

International Day of Happiness – but is cleaning really the key?

It’s yet another International Day, this time giving us all the opportunity to focus on Happiness and we think that cleaning can be directly linked to that glow that you get inside and out when you have done a good job!

We could all do with a bit of a nudge sometimes when it comes to putting a smile on our faces and as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of cleaning products we know that all it takes for some people to turn their frown upside down is a cloth, duster and mop!

It’s true. Honestly. With divided opinion up and down the country some people simply don’t understand how others can get so excited about cleaning. They can’t see how doing a ‘job’ can be considered fun.

On the other side of the fence however we have those who genuinely believe that a clean house is a happy home and a good scrub from top to bottom every week – if not every day – is the perfect tonic.

We have to admit that we are probably a little biased here at Astonish HQ but there are some colleagues who simply couldn’t live in a dirty home and knowing that it doesn’t have to be expensive to keep your house in tip top condition there really are no excuses… Well, other than that you would like to be doing something else.

When catching up with some of those who really enjoy cleaning we got the following responses:

“I just put my music on, get the rubber gloves out and get stuck in. I like the fact that the results are relatively instant. It’s really not hard work if you keep on top of the cleaning, it’s only when you don’t do each room at least once a week that things can seem a little overwhelming.”

“I use the clean as my opportunity to think. People don’t bother me when I’m cleaning – they are too frightened that I’ll give them a job to do! It’s my time to catch up on my thoughts and I have a dust and clutter free home at the end of it. I often come up with some good ideas for work too or a suggestion for a fun day out. It’s win, win.”

“Saturday morning is my time to get the cloths, duster and mop out. With Astonish products it’s really easy as I know I have a product for each job and they all smell lovely. I know that when the cleaning is done the weekend really begins and invariably that means inviting some friends around for a drink. Well, why not? I have a clean home to show off after all.”

With comments like that you can’t dispute the fact that some people find cleaning therapeutic. It seems that it gives them the chance to spend some time alone, to do something that they really enjoy and most importantly to share the results.

We would really like to find out if you are a lover of all things cleaning and if you find that a good clear out leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. There is no doubt that many people find the results really pleasing, whether they admit to loving or loathing the tasks ahead, but we want to use International Day of Happiness to champion the BIG clean.

Come on, gloves on, music turned up and let’s get going. We all know the results will be worth it and we bet you end up smiling when you finish the last job, turn around and see that you have a home fit for a king (or queen!).

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