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01 Apr 16


Most people will associate the headline of this blog with Christmas and we have to admit that at this time of year here at ‘Astonish HQ’ there is a definite buzz and a feeling of excitement. We are all like happy gnomes, busily beavering away in our workshop. You see, it’s time for the Spring Clean!

But… there’s been some disruption in the camp. Like a naughty elf that tries to make toys to compete with Santa Claus, there were gasps of surprise last week when from one corner of the shop floor came the comment we never thought we would hear: “Does the Spring Clean even exist anymore?”.

WOAH, now hang on a minute, was that a genuine question we hear you cry.

Like watching a clip from a horror film that suddenly features in slow motion, we all came to a grinding halt, turned around and looked wide eyed with a mixture of surprise and utter shock at the culprit. How could anyone possibly question ‘the Spring Clean’?

But then, given the time to think about it, we had to be honest. Do any of us actually make a concerted effort to clean the house once a year? Do we take everything out of the house and give it a good scrub from top to bottom before putting everything back where it belongs?

We had to admit that we didn’t but rather than suggest (or even dare to utter) that there is no longer a Spring Clean, we think that actually there has been an evolution of the occasion. People are more likely to clean every week now, so the need for an annual blitz isn’t quite what it used to be.

That said, we all agreed that as the days get longer and brighter – giving you chance to see all of the dust and smudges that have hidden in the dark through the winter months – there is more of a need to scrub, polish, wash and buff to get the desired outcome from your weekly clean.

The increasing daylight hours also seem to give us a boost of energy, that push that we need to take down the curtains, dust right behind the TV, give the rug a shake outside and wipe down the windows inside and out.

So, we all decided that it’s not a case of the Spring Clean no longer existing, but just a different approach to it *sigh of relief from the collective here at Astonish*. In order to keep on top of things and to make your Spring Clean a skip in the park we have put together our five top tips – you didn’t think we’d leave you without a hint or two!


  1. Windows creating a dazzling first impression

The smear and smudge and can be a real pain but if you use the right trigger spray cleaning windows will be a breeze. Using our Window and Glass cleaner simply spray directly to the surface and clean away with a dry cloth. See, smear free in minutes.


  1. Troublesome mould and mildew

We know, you think you’re the only household that simply cannot get rid of the black marks and where do they come from? Well, fear not. Many households have the same problem and that is why we developed our best-selling Mould and Mildew Remover. Remember that this product is bleach based, it has to be tough on these meddlesome marks. Roll your sleeves up and spray the trigger directly to the area. Wipe clean and watch as the marks simply vanish. We like to add an extra squirt for luck!


  1. Treating wooden floors with care

Lots of people have wooden or laminate floors but don’t know how to care for them properly. It’s not advisable to use too much water when you are mopping or cleaning wooden or laminate floors so we would suggest taking a damp cloth, which has been rung out, and gently wiping the surface. Then use our Wood Polish to create a finish fit for a show home. Not only will your floors be gleaming but the lingering scents are delicious too.


  1. Bringing the spring breeze into your home

When the weather is changeable to say that least, and you can’t rely on the option to put your washing outside to dry you can start to get a damp and musty smell in your home. That’s when we turn to our Fabric Refresher. With a sweet, clean fragrance, we add a gentle mist over our washing and voila – you will be transported to a meadow of fresh flowers in minutes.


  1. What a ‘grouty’ job

Not all cleaning tasks are fun, in fact some people may say that none of them are, but we love nothing more than a home that looks brand new and that’s why our Grout & Tile Restorer has become such a hit. With a specially developed trigger spray head to make the foam cling to the walls, we will have your discoloured grout looking like new. All you need to do is apply the foam, leave it for five to ten minutes and rinse. For stubborn stains, add a bit of elbow grease and you will have perfect results in no time.

For those of you who don’t want to do a full clean from top to bottom, why not just take a task a week and make the house more manageable. With our products, that have all been specially developed for the task in hand, you can turn your house into a home.

Remember, we have a Facebook page that we update regularly and we would love to see you before and after pictures. If you want to share your results then simply send your images to we look forward to seeing them.

Happy Spring Clean from the Astonish Team.


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