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24 May 17

Spring Clean Focus – Cars

Winter can play havoc with your car; what with the muddy boots, wet dogs and messy kids. With spring here it’s time to think about spring cleaning, and that doesn’t just apply to your home but your car too.

Trading road salt for clean dry roads is definitely an incentive to get your car looking just as great as the weather. Here are six tips that will make spring cleaning a breeze so that you can set the wheels in motion and cruise into the warmer sunny days in style.

Throw out the junk

Most of us use our car every day – whether that is for the daily commute to work, to do the school run or a trip to the supermarket. This can leave our motor looking more like the rubbish tip!

To achieve that ‘just valeted’ feel, throw out all the junk you don’t need in your car. Sweet wrappers, broken umbrellas, old newspapers, water bottles, clothes to go to the charity shop: get rid of it all. Who knows what you might find in there!

Give it a good airing

You probably haven’t opened your car windows for a couple of months, so your car may be smelling a bit whiffy. Welcome the fresh spring breeze into your car by opening all your car’s doors. That’s right throw them open and let the air waft through.

If the scent of spring isn’t enough, use our Fabric Refresher on textile seats, carpets and mats to instantly refresh fabric you can’t wash.

Explore every nook and cranny

Grab the vacuum cleaner and explore every corner of your car. Trust us, it’s worth the backache.

All sorts of things can get stuck down the back of the seats and in small crevices; think dropped food and roadside dirt. These release tiny quantities of gas over time that will make your car a very smelly place. You never know, you might even come across a penny or two!

Get to work

Now it’s time to apply some elbow grease to leave your car looking gleaming not just on the outside but on the inside too. Use our Car Care Anti Fog Glass Cleaner, which features a powerful cleaning action to remove kids’ fingerprints and leave surfaces sparkling clean with a streak free shine.

The cleaner is perfect for the car as it also has the added benefit of a built in anti-fogging agent to stop your car from steaming up, giving you a crystal-clear view of the road.

Finish off the interior of your car by turning your attention to our Car Care Vinyl Trim and Dashboard Cleaner. Specially formulated to clean and protect the inside of your motor, this cleaner will leave surfaces with a brilliant gloss and a silky feel. Dust can be a right pain in cars, but this product with its anti-static agent will help to reduce build up.

Tackle Nasty Marks

The inside of our cars can receive some wear and tear. Spilt drinks, food crumbs, dirty dogs, wet clothing and mucky boots, there are lots of opportunities for dirt to become deep rooted in fabric. To tackle a nasty mark, scrape off the dried matter and then use our Carpet and Upholstery Target Spray to loosen and lift away tough stains.

It makes ‘scents’

Don’t let all your hard work go to waste. Enjoy the benefits of spring cleaning your motor and make sure that it lasts until the summer by installing a car air freshener in your motor.

Your car’s interior may be looking great, but let’s not forget about the exterior too. Did you know that we produce a whole car care range to keep the outside of your ride looking just as good as the inside?

Included in the range is the Car Care Engine Degreaser, Car Care Tar and Insect Remover, Car Care Black Shine Restorer, Car Care Crystal Clear Wash Wax and Car Care Wheel Cleaner to give you a car to be proud of.

Brum, brum! Happy motoring this spring!

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