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19 Feb 16

We ‘Heart’ Cleaning

Ok, so it should come as no surprise to find out that here at Astonish we absolutely love cleaning, no really, we do. You won’t be able to find anyone that gets more excited about the next trigger spray or goes weak at the knees for our deliciously scented handwash. And why not?

We’ve been providing a vast selection of cleaning products, which as you know are all cruelty free, for over 40 years. There’s no denying that during this time, things have changed. We’ve grown a grey hair or two and perhaps put on a few extra pounds, but some things have remained the same – our commitment to bring the best value, quality range to the market!

It’s at times like this that we get a little reflective and look back on how far we have come from showcasing our products at exhibitions around the country, to the aisles of some of the top retailers throughout the world.  Warning peeps, we are going to get a bit mushy on you now.

We’re really fortunate to have so many great people in the business who have been here so long they can remember making the products by hand – yes, it all started in a garden shed with big buckets and even bigger dreams.

Taking a trip down memory lane – and also focusing on more recent times – we wanted to share the love and to focus on just some of our favourite products.

  1. Astonish Oven & Cookware paste

There’s just no getting away from it, this product is still our number one and continues to steal our hearts to this day. It was the first product that we developed and the range of tasks that it can be used for has extended beyond anything we ever expected; from cleaning your oven (no kidding!) to your bike tyres (ha, we bet you didn’t know that). It offers fantastic value and is sold all over the world, keeping households happy for generations.

  1. Grease Lifter tablets

A more recent launch from us and another fabulous product – if we do say so ourselves. Just like loveable couple Posh and Becks these tablets are perfect when you pair them with your dirty pots and pans. Giving them a new lease of life, all you need to do is fill a sink with boiling water, add a tablet, place in your cookware and leave for 30 minutes. A quick rinse and you can’t miss the difference.

  1. Grout and Tile Restorer

Another recent launch, but we simply can’t leave this innovative trigger spray from the list of our most favourite products. The development of this particular trigger means that the spray clings to the grout and gives the foam time to work that then helps removes traces of dirt and grime. Feedback has been really positive with one consumer even sharing her love of the spray and suggesting that we had saved them hundreds of pounds as a result of not having to re-tile her bathroom. We simply can’t help but astonish!

  1. Antibacterial Cleanser

Following on from our campaign with the RSPCA, where we donated £10,000 to the charity, our Antibacterial has become a quick fix for families up and down the country. A spray around the surfaces, leave for five minutes and wipe, what could be simpler? Removing 99.99% of common household germs, you can sleep soundly when you use our Antibacterial Cleanser. And remember, like we said earlier, no bunnies are ever harmed in the making of our products!

  1. All in 1 Dishwasher Tablets

Not everyone has a dishwasher but those who do certainly don’t want to be paying an extortionate amount for the tablets that they need to get their crockery sparkling clean. Fear not, we have launched a new pack of Dishwasher tablets and independent testing has confirmed that they are as good – if not better – than those supplied by our competitors. As if that isn’t a massive bonus, with our value packs you will have pennies left in your piggy bank.

We could go on all day and include our floor cleaners, which leave a lingering and delicious scent or our Wood Polish that brings wood and laminate back to life – or what about our handwash range that has an added moisturising system or the Pro-range for all those extra special surfaces and tricky tasks around the house… You see, here at Astonish we just can’t help ourselves.

We simply LOVE cleaning and more importantly creating great quality products that offer exceptional value. So, without further a-do, our gift to you is more than 40 years of cleaning expertise, a range that you can trust to get the job done every, single day and a value brand that won’t leave you feeling penniless. Take that Cupid!

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