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15 Jan 16

Is Your Desk Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat?

Did you know that lurking on your desk is a staggering 10 million bacteria* – that’s 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat! Baffling isn’t it?
Unsurprisingly the main offenders on your desk are the items that you touch everyday including your telephone, keyboard and computer mouse. In fact, according to recent data, which was shared as part of National Clean Off Your Desk Day, your telephone has a whopping 25,000 bacteria* sat on it, your keyboard harbours 3,295 bacteria* and your computer mouse 1,676 bacteria*.
Now that should certainly get you reaching for the handwash and water and anti-bacterial spray!
If, like thousands of others, you took the time on Monday to clean off your desk, why not take it one step further and kill off some of those nasty germs that could leave you with a sniffle or worse!
We did just that and reached for the Astonish Antibacterial spray, which kills 99.9% of common germs – a perfect combination for destroying all the bugs lurking on your desk and keeping them at bay!
Why not follow these simple tips to help keep your desk germ free for longer:

  1. Keep it Small
    Cleaning your desk can initially seem like a daunting task with mountains of paperwork stacked up and post-it notes galore, begin by taking small sections of your desk and working across it throughout the week. By splitting the job into chunks you won’t be left scratching your head wondering where to start.
  2. Create a Home
    Create a home for your supplies including paper clips, USB sticks and rubber bands, using containers for visibility and easy access. It’ll save you time in the long run, preventing you searching for them, and you’ll never have to ask your colleagues, ‘has anyone seen my . . .’ again.
  3. Master the Three-Tier System
    Invest in a paper tray and label the top tier important, the middle section to file and the last tier to read. This will help you to organise your documents and files and prevent that mountain of paperwork building up again and spreading across your desk.
  4. Stop Collecting Pens
    We all love a bargain and free stuff is even better but do you really need a desk full of branded pens and note pads? Be ruthless and get rid of the items that you don’t use at least once a week. Unless they are absolutely essential, they don’t need to be on your desk and you can probably get hold of them in your work stationery cupboard.
  5. Remember the 5-Minute Rule
    Once your desk is looking tidy, our Antibacterial Cleanser will wipe away the dirt, grime and any nasty, lingering bacteria. But remember once you have sprayed it on your desk leave it for 5 minutes before wiping it with a clean cloth. This will allow the cleanser the time needed to do its job, it also means you have an excuse for making a lovely cup of tea!

Oh, and don’t forget the telephone, keyboard and mouse too – we know how many germs are on them! Although a word of warning, do be careful not to spray the cleanser directly onto these items. Simply spray onto a clean cloth and wipe them down thoroughly.

Here’s to a dirt free desk that you can keep clean all year around – happy cleaning!

Source: * Medical Daily

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