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27 Jul 16

Your Holiday Tips!

Summer holidays have arrived and if you’re lucky enough to get away, we have a few tips to give you… or should we say, our wonderful Astonish facebook fans have some very valuable handy hints for you! Thanks to everyone who helped in this. It was really nice to read so many people find our Astonish Stain bar as an essential for combatting the holiday stains! We will start our list off with that terrific tip!

Stain remover bar (cartoon)

  1. Take an Astonish Stain Remover bar on holiday with you – stains are removed most easily when tackled straight away rather than leaving till you get home!
  2. Always pack a clean set of clothes & for each of us in our hand luggage in case any luggage goes missing!! Believe me it does happen, happened to me and had to keep washing out my underwear for days 😉
  3. Don’t pack too much! You won’t wear half of it!! Always happens to me
  4. Never put your name and address on your suitcase tabs. Any nasty people could see it and you could get home and find you’ve been burgled as someone’s found out your house was empty. Just name and postcode .
    Also, pack a toothbrush and paste in hand luggage to freshen up your mouth if their are long delays.
  5. When you are out take a small squirty bottle (available in most pound shops) of stain remover and a carrier bag. I then swap a T shirt covered in red lolly juice for a clean one and squirt the stain remover on and pop in carrier, when I get home straight into washing machine and then I don’t get favourite T shirt ruined and tears!
  6. Pack well in advance of going away; nothing worse than being too tired on the first day because you were up the night before packing!
  7. Take a couple of black bags so you can put all of your dirty laundry straight in it (one for colours, one for whites) and then pack it just before you leave. Add a couple of tumble dryer sheets to keep it smelling fresh but make sure you remove it before loading your wash in the machine.
  8. Wear a nice pair of slip on sandals at the airport in case of a spot search…nothing worse in the early hours having to fiddle with zips or laces
  9. Take some of those vacuum bags with you and put all the dirty clothing in them. They give you so much more extra room in your suitcase.
  10. If travelling as a couple, split the clothes between 2 suitcases, so that if one should go missing you both still have some of your things
  11. Roll clothes to get more in your case and use a tumble dryer sheet in your case to keep your clothes smelling wonderful
  12. Pack socks inside trainers to save space and keep organised
  13. My top tip is always make a list! My husband laughs at me but I plan exactly what my son and I are going to wear each day
    Always take plastic bags to separate dirty laundry into colour wise, then you can organise the loads faster.
  14. Put the dirty clothes back in the case inside out. That way you know which are clean and which are dirty :)
  15. Baby wipes are useful for everything, make sure you have some!! Good for cleaning, good for cooling and wiping!
  16. Astonish stain bar to get suncream out
  17. Get an apartment with washing machine!
  18. Keep your after sun in the fridge
  19. Pop a scented drawer liner in with your clothes to keep them smelling nice and not that stale, suitcase smell (putting a couple of drops of essential oil on your suitcase also works but can mark some materials so not always advised). If you’re bringing dirty laundry home then bring an extra liner to pop in the laundry bag to keep bad smells to a minimum.
  20. Next year I am definitely going to pack stain remover. This year several items of clothing had to be thrown away due to suntan lotion stains
  21. I always roll my clothing for extra space and take black bags to put my dirty laundry in, keeps everything tidy and you can pack at the end of the holiday in minutes. I also double bag my sun cream or any liquids so they don’t burst all over my suitcase/clothes.
  22. When going aboard We pack our clothes in backpacks inside our cases and in each back pack and the case we put our destination address in each bag incase something happens to the case…oh and we tie coloured shoe laces on our luggage so we can find it quickly.
  23. Wear clothing more than once on the holiday if its clean, that way it cuts down on washing when you get home, especially if you have a large family
  24. Pack a an extra Sarong , yes for a cover up on the beach but it can be tied up and made into a top or skirt for the evening, but can be used as to dry instead of towel, lie on at the beach, use for picnics, head and shoulder scarf if visiting religious places or as an evening shawl. And as it’s lightweight it is easy to wash and dry over a balcony and light to put in day bag and a suitcase.
  25. If I’m going somewhere where I’ll need travel adaptors for the sockets I just take one and a 3 way extension, then if the sockets are in awkward places I just have to plug my extension in and can charge 3 devices at once
  26. Roll clothing and pack in your suitcase you have more space and less creases.
  27. When we take two cases away I start to pack the dirty clothes away straight away in one case then it’s easier to sort the dirty washing when you get home it’s already sorted in one case.
  28. my tip is to take two cases of clothing and whilst away, use one for all dirty washing and keep the other for clean – makes its easier to sort when you get home
  29. Awww, come on guys. The best tip is HAVE FUN.
  30. have rainy day boxes if you have little ones with a craft project and a little book in it – even stuff they’re had for ages will look like a treat
  31. When flying with the family mix everyones clothes in all the different cases just in case your luggage goes missing on the flight that way everyone has some clothes to change into and not only one person with no clothes.
  32. Take photos of all your important holiday documents then you have copies of them on your phone just incase you need them
  33. Mine is to take a large hand luggage bag as well as your suitcase as you never know what treats you will buy abroad to bring home and saves paying for another suitcase x
  34. Make a list, tick every item once when you’ve bought it, once when you’ve packed it. Works for me! xx
  35. Take lots of spare clothes and a washing line…especially if you have a toddler!
  36. Leave enough room in the suitcase for all the bits you pick up
  37. Always take loads of water wherever you go, you never want to become dehydrated.
  38. Lay the towel on top as it’s the first thing you probably need as wanting to go straight for a dip in the pool, and it’s also keeps all the clothes together.
  39. Stuff socks into your bra cups so they don’t get squashed in your suitcase.
  40. Take minimal amount of clothes & save on washing when you return.
  41. decant some laundry liquid into a small bottle to take with you, any stains can be dealt with almost immediately and you can throw away the bottle before returning home


Thanks to everyone who commented on our facebook page (apologies if you didn’t see your tip!) We will be running similar competitions soon! Have a happy holiday and safe travels!

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