The Pinnacle Of Cleaning

In the real world of tough cleaning tasks
there's no room for compromise.
*NEW* Concentrated Disinfectants
Cleaners with a Conscience

We’re proud to be pioneers of animal-friendly household cleaning products. We’ve never tested our products on animals or used animal ingredients. Simple.

Astonish by name...

I am writing to let you know your products are aptly named, I recently used your mould and mildew remover and it proved 100% more effective than other more expensive brands. I then tried the window and glass cleaner and this is a brilliant find, effective and quick to use. The leather cleaner is just as good. They are amazing value at a pound each from my local factory shop which has quite a comprehensive range. I will be working my way through them all!

Edward Poulsom

Sink Gunk Be Gone

Sink becoming a little sluggish recently? Pop 2 scoops of our Oxy Active down it and pour down a little hot water (carefully). Listen for the fizz as the product clears unwanted gunk.

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