Astonish Comes to a Household Near You with Launch of First Ever TV Advert

It’s no secret that we are proud of our range of household cleaning products. We’ve worked extremely hard to become recognised as the award-winning business we are today, but that doesn’t mean we forget where we came from.  

If we take a step back to where it all began more than 40 years ago, the founder of the business could be found travelling the length and breadth of the country with the Oven and Cookware Paste in hand encouraging consumers to try it out. 

Since that time, we’ve built a brand that now boasts more than 60 cleaning essentials, but the evolution of the Paste remains a firm favourite with families throughout the UK. 

That’s why we have chosen for our first ever TV advert to focus on our Oven & Grill Specialist Cleaner & Sponge! 

Featuring in a household near you

Yes, it’s true. From now until the end of March 2020 we will appear on ITV during some of your favourite programmes including Coronation Street, Emmerdale, You’ve Been Framed, Lorraine and Good Morning Britain. 

The 30 second commercial, filmed in a typical family setting, shows the benefits to the Oven & Grill Specialist Cleaner & Sponge as it is used to easily remove grease and grime from cooking lunch, dinner, baking and after parties. 

The message is clear; no hassle, non-toxic or harmful, no need for gloves, doesn’t take hours to work and cleans the entire oven including the glass door!

view the Astonish Advert

The UK’s number one consumer friendly oven cleaner  

It might sound like a big ambition, but we are sure that with our loyal following and more shoppers swapping to Astonish that we can become the UK’s number one consumer friendly oven cleaner. 

There simply is nothing like it and we are very pleased to share our success as we continue to innovate our range. 

Getting involved 

With the advert, which  launched on Boxing Day, and further assets including a shorter version to be shown across social channels and through video streaming, there is still every chance for you to get involved.

Simply follow the hashtag #AstonishingResults for more details about how you could join the conversation and even win some great prizes. 

The start of an exciting journey  

There has been such a lot going on at Astonish House over recent years and a lot to celebrate. We love nothing more than creating products that we know will do an excellent job without being harmful or toxic. 

We would like to thank each and every one of you for trusting our products. We know that they are market leading and now we are getting the feedback to prove it. 

Investing in our brand has always been a priority and with this news there is no doubt that 2020 is the year that Astonish will be getting the headlines that we really do deserve. 

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