Mould & Mildew Blaster (750ml)

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SKU : C9955

The UKs No1 Mould & Mildew Remover!*  Blasts away tough stains without the need for scrubbing. Leaves surfaces hygienically clean. Use regularly to help prevent the return of Mould. In other words that’s less time cleaning, which sounds good to us. Top tip –  Can be use to whiten grout too.

*Kantar. Total Household Cleaners, Value Sector, 52 wk to Dec 17

Mould & Mildew Blaster (750ml)

91 reviews for Mould & Mildew Blaster (750ml)

  1. Edward Poulsom

    I am writing to let you know your products are aptly named, I recently used your mould and mildew remover and it proved 100% more effective than other more expensive brands. I then tried the window and glass cleaner and this is a brilliant find, effective and quick to use. The leather cleaner is just as good. They are amazing value at a pound each from my local factory shop which has quite a comprehensive range. I will be working my way through them all!

  2. gemma

    Fantastic product for removing mould from windows/showers. I was really pleased with how effective this product is and I shall be trying all of the other Astonish products

  3. P Middleton

    I had my doubts about this product as I had tried many other more expensive brands. Blow me, how wrong was I, it even took the mould stains out of the wall paint, leaving it looking like new. I didn’t expect that. Well done its the best I have ever come across. Magic it is!!!!

  4. Greg

    Good stuff !!!!

  5. Ali

    I’d tried a long list of different mould & mildew removers for getting rid of the stubborn mould in my shower. Not one of them even touched it until I found this Astonish wonder spray! Sprayed it onto all the affected parts of the grouting and sealant and expected to be disappointed again. Quite the opposite! Within 30 minutes I could see the black grime disappearing and after a rinse 30 minutes later it was gone. All of it! Absolutely amazing! Spent so much money on all those other mildew removers when Astonish had the answer all along! Also used it to remove a bit of mildew on the bathroom wall when it got a bit damp – again, gone (and didn’t affect the paint at all!). SUPERB product! Try it – you won’t be disappointed!!!.

  6. Bunny

    This shower cleaner is no-fuss no-muss to use. Does exactly what it says – just squirt and let the shower do the work! There’s no strong chemical odour and of course it’s not tested on animals. At the best price – why use anything else? Save the elbow grease and the suffering too.

  7. Jackie

    Used to tackle really bad mould and mildew on white fabric vertical blinds. The results are outstanding . Wish I’d taken before and after photos.

  8. Sapphire

    This transformed our bathroom and made it look brand new again. All the grouting and sealant looks as good as the day it was done. Any mould literally disappears. Just need to keep the window open as it is quite strong smelling

  9. Edward Poulsom

    I am writing to let you know your products are aptly named, I recently used your mould and mildew remover and it proved 100% more effective than other more expensive brands. I then tried the window and glass cleaner and this is a brilliant find, effective and quick to use. The leather cleaner is just as good. They are amazing value at a pound each from my local factory shop which has quite a comprehensive range. I will be working my way through them all!

  10. Terry

    Completely removed deep black mould stains from a ceiling, after a long cold damp winter. Completely removed mould stains from tile grouting in the kitchen. Very impressed with the final result after one quick application.

  11. Ann Smith

    The only product I have found to work on the sealant round our windows

  12. Laura Brown

    LOVE THIS!! Cuts through mould and mildew in seconds,and is a miracle worker on grubby grout. Have recommended this to friends who all buy it regularly now too.

  13. Ellie Samworth

    Living in a new build you get out breaks of mould where the house is still settling and this product has got the mould off straight away and i am so impressed! You won’t be let down.

  14. Turquoisefox77

    Totally does what it says!!! Left it for a short while went back and wiped the mound away!! Amazing!! And vegan too!! Awesome!!!

  15. Tracy

    This stuff is amazing! Had some stubborn black mould along the silicone in my bath which I had previously tried to tackle with (much more) expensive cleaners that hadn’t touched it. Sprayed some of this on after showering with the intention of coming back to give it a scrub but completely forgot and when I went back to have a shower the next day ALL the mould had disappeared – like magic! It’s a no brainier for me as it’s such good value AND vegan. Thanks Astonish!

  16. Kat penfold

    Amazing stuff best mould cleaner I have ever used

  17. Ashleigh

    I use this every time I clean my bathroom! It literally does exactly what it says! Blasts Mould! This is one of my must haves every time I do a astonish haul!

  18. Julie O’Brien

    Love this! Does the job perfectly, great price and value for money, EXCELLENT

  19. Lynda Brown

    Love this use it after shower every other day tiles are clean and mildew free love it

  20. Sophie soos

    I had a problem with my windows in my flat getting mouldy especially the bathroom, this spray works in seconds and the Mould hasn’t returned since I used it, I still use it now and again to keep on top of it but it’s by far the best one I’ve used at such an amazing price.

  21. Pip Lawrance

    My mum’s washing machine is very old and had black mould around the rim. I had no idea how to clean it. Someone recommended this so I went out straight away and picked some up from my local Poundland and it worked a dream!

  22. Kate Morris

    another great product this really does blasts way all mould, I wish I’d taken before and after photos. Great price too.

  23. Lorraine Whyte

    This stuff is amazing and does more than remove mould and mildew.
    Our house is pretty damp and ventilation is pretty poor, so our bathroom walls are cleaned with this product.
    All it takes is a liberal spraying, leave to sit for a while and wipe off. Spotless and keeps staining at bay for quite a while.
    I also use it to remove tea stains from a gloss painted counter top, same method….spray, leave wipe.
    Just yesterday, it took layers of soot and smoke off an old door, in conjunction with the cookware paste.
    Since I started using this, I have started to replace all my cleaning products, the most recent being dishwasher tablets.

  24. Meryem

    This is just a crazy product… I never knew that a product can clean a mould… we had a terrific black wals and around the windows in bathroom too… and this product cleanse everything in one second . Yes, in one sec everything melts and goes away.. I bought this product from #Poundland and will always buy whenever it finishes .. love it
    Thanks to Astonish for such a great products.

  25. Grace Casey

    I noticed I had mold on the edge of my windows and I decided to try this out. Well all I can say is wow! The mold has disappeared. I will be using this again!

  26. Kate

    As a third year university student, some of the digs I’ve lived in during the last 3 years have been nothing short of disgusting! I absolutely depended on Astonish Mould and Mildew Blaster in my first year to keep mould in my dingy bedroom at bay until the university could undertake larger works to prevent it. Absolute life saver for me and at such a good price, I can’t fault it at all!

  27. Michael

    I dont often leave reviews for anything but this stuff has to be the best stuff I have ever used for removing mould and deserves a good review. I have had trouble with my ceiling for many years and kept coming back and got sick of keeping on top of it and was hard to remove every other time I have tried & I used this stuff and it instantly removed it with very little effort. Again like everyone else is saying the expensive stuff is completely useless compare to this stuff and I highly recommend this to anyone.

  28. Rowan Robinson

    The best product you have made ! Love using this in the bathroom where mould forms or when the shower tiles start to discolour. And none of this is tested on animals. I flatly refused to use products who still ‘test on animals’ but this is not my only reason. It really is excellent! Squirt leave it on for a bit and grout is back to sparkly white again! Black mould on walls? Same again squirt, leave it for a second or two and remove with a cloth. No scrubbing needed – perfect for someone who doesn’t like cleaning! ?
    My only issue – more supermarkets need to stock their shelves with astonish products !!

  29. Aneesah javed

    Fantastic product not only did it remove mould from my washing machine but also saved me money by removing disgusting amouts of mould from my bathroom for a fraction of the price. Absolutely amazing mould blaster.

  30. Jade barber

    Love this product. It is definitely my favourite. Picked it up for £1 and wasn’t expecting much but it’s the best mould cleaner I’ve ever used

  31. Mrs H Chambers

    I had very bad mould in my bathroom. I have tried other named brands and it never completely got rid of it and it was back within a few days. I have used most products in the Astonish range and have found them all to be amazing. So when I found the Mould & Mildew Blaster – In the Pound shop – Which was amazing in its self. I thought lets give it a whirl. I sprayed it on my silicone around the bath and shower and also on the ceiling as i had some showing in the corner. WELL what can I say – I was ASTONISHED with the results. It all just wiped away. My ceiling looks so much better now – I hate seeing the horrid black marks. Around my bath and shower now looks white again. This product is a MUST on any Mould or Mildew showing in your house. Will be stocking up x

  32. Kat Pacey

    This spray has been a lifesaver! I’ve struggled to ind well priced, cruelty free home cleaning products that actually work, and this has saved my bathroom, bedroom damp, and kitchen. My house looks brand new!

  33. Colette Thomson

    I had quite bad mould build up in one of our bathrooms due to it being a very small shower room with limited ventilation. I’d tried many products to remove the black mould build up, it looked even more harsh on white walls. I spray this, left it for 10 and it wiped off with ease, I couldn’t quite believe the results. Lifted every bit off, would highly recommend.

  34. Sally

    Amazing product, I’ve tried so many others and this really works. Thank you!!

  35. Karen casey

    Excellent works well on mould clean the grout on the tiles

  36. Lynn Bowdler

    I really feel I need to let you know how amazed I am with ASTONISH mould and mildew blast. OMG, my shower was disgusting and embarrassing I had tried lots of products to try and clean it but nothing had worked. At the moment we are not able to renew so I was willing to try anything. I come across astonish in home bargains and thought I’d give it a try. To be honest I didn’t think for one minute it would work because it was cheap and I’d never heard about it. Well how wrong was I. I sprayed it on and left left the room. When I returned, Oh my goodness… UNBELIEVABLE! I really wish I had taken photos before and after to show everyone. It is sooo clean, shiny and mould free. It looks brand new. I couldn’t wait for my husband to come in from work to show him. Then as my older children came in from work I had to take them one at a time to show them. (Sad I know haha)I have never been so excited about a product, so much so I am going armed with my astonish to my mother in laws house today to rid her bathroom of mould. So excited! She’ll be over the moon.
    So also today I will be purchasing many other astonish products. I am a total convert and seriously impressed.

  37. Gail Conroy

    This is the best mould and mildew remover I have ever used. I use it once or twice a week in the shower cabinet – just a few sprays and mildew has never returned. A brilliant additional bonus is that it has brightened the grout so well that it looks new. Can’t recommend this enough

  38. Kirstie

    This product is amazing, gets the job done with a few sprays & a wipe down & doesnt leave a horrid smell of bleach lingering for days. Love that the Astonish range isnt tested on animals also

  39. Rebecca Eversley

    What a great product. Astonish really do earn their name and at such a great price as well. My mould and mildew issue was so bad we were considering replacing the wall, something we can ill afford to do. We had treated it previously but still had staining which was horrendous. One application of this and a cup of tea later, i went in to find it had all gone.This product does not simply stain it all with bleach it really does remove it! I bought another and am now purchasing more products.

  40. Dorothy Vlug

    OMG!! Like the product name says “Astonish” that was me last night when i tried this product in my bathroom. I had been struggling with mould removal for a long time and tried many other products which not only did not work but took so much effort as well.

    I sprayed this on and in less the 2 mins i could see the magic before my eyes. ASTONISHED!! that’s what i was.

    Can’t wait to try the rest of your products 🙂


    As with all the astonish products I use I love this. Don’t use it that often as once I’ve used it there’s not usually a need to use again for a while.
    I have found it got tea stains off of a marble trivet which none of previous products had managed

  42. John boyle

    Mildew mould remover is excellent I came across easy way to use with first class result simply spray on effected area in shower or bath after use leave till next time you use it rinse off repeat this every time you bath or shower and monks and mildew will disappear then keep doing it so it won’t reappear.

  43. Mrs Billie Shirley

    I cleaned my vertical blinds, they were mouldy at the bottom. Worked!!! Great stuff, inexpensive, not tested on animals.Thank you for a good product.

  44. Aamar

    The best product on the market. Does exactly what it says and fights through the dirt and grime. The best cleaning product I have used

  45. Gill

    Finally, a product that works on those horrible black marks round the bathroom shower/bath seals and tile grout. I’ve tried so many things in the past with little/no success but within a week, my entire bathroom (floor to ceiling tiles, shower enclosure and bath seals) is white once more, thanks Astonish I’ll be trying some of your other products. btw 4/5 because it smells so caustic which I admit really shouldn’t matter as it works so well.

  46. David Hartley


  47. Renetta van Emmenes

    This is the best product ever!
    Even removed soap skum from my shower door with no hassel.
    No more mould!!

  48. Ellie

    This is the best product for getting rid of mould! It literally disappears in minutes and it doesn’t come back! Amazing! I recommend this to everyone who has a mould problem

  49. Ike

    Tough on mould, gentle on the surfaces. Gets the job done in minutes. Brilliant!!!

  50. Carol Winter

    Brilliant stuff works exactly as it says

  51. Mary Gregersen

    Brilliant cleaner,have never had a mould and mildew cleaner work as well, I’m sooooo pleased with the results.

  52. Lillias Webb

    I live in a Bungalow and have a Wet Floor Shower Room that creates mould on the tiles – especially in Winter! I tried various products but they were useless. I am SO glad I discovered Astonish Mould & Mildew Blaster! It is AMAZING! It is incredible and a WONDER product and so reasonably priced. I recommended it to my family and friends and they are all using it now. I also use it in my sinks. I also use it underneath the toilet rim which always creates black mould. I have tried various products for the toilet to no avail. However Astonish gets rid of the black mould quickly and easily! I sometimes get marks on my wet floor shower area floor and after a quick squirt with Astonish they disappear within minutes. I also love the fresh clean smell! I cannot praise this product enough. Thank you so much!

  53. Liam

    I was ready to replace my whole en suite due to mould in the tile grout and on the ceiling. Your product has saved me a fortune. I don’t know how you do it but the grout looks like it just been done. Amazing product.

  54. Emily

    I heard very good reviews about this product, so I purchased this to try on the grout between my tiles. The results were absolutely amazing they’re really white again. Highly recommend.

  55. AM SHAK

    This is Amazing! My grout was discoloured for ages and thought I would give this ago. I sprayed it and left it on for a couple of hours then I sprayed it off with the shiwer and they came up bright white!! Will be stocking up on this. Absolute bargain!!

  56. Shannen Connell

    Oh my God I cant recommend this product enough, I have tough black mould on my bathroom walls and I said I’d give this a go. Well, I sprayed it on the walls left for a minute to get a wet cloth I came back and the mould was gone. I have never seen anything like it, it’s like magic 😱😱😱

  57. Janice McKane

    I’ve used this now for a good few years and have always been “astonished” to say the least, the last one I bought was the bathroom cleaner , because b&m hadn’t got the mould and mildew astonish, thinking it was the same , it’s not though. Hope I can still buy the mould and mildew astonish

  58. Cmacphee

    I was new to this brand until this month. Used this to clean up the upvc windows in my porch. They are looking brand new.

  59. Lindsay Hoy

    I had mould coming on the bathroom ceiling due to bad ventilation. I thought I’d use this on it before I re painted – OMG no need!! I sprayed it on the areas and left for a couple of hours not knowing what to expect? Put it this way, there’s no need now to paint, it’s amazing stuff. Have a go for yourself and spread the word 10/10. It will put decorators out of business😂

  60. Kristy

    This is amazing!! I’ve also used this out in my garden, I’ve been telling everyone to buy this…. love it!!!

  61. Tracey

    Fantastic product ,,,, have tried various other products and more expensive products that did not work … astonish really does work … and yes I am astonished at how good it worked …. and so cheap …. 79p in Home Bargains!!

  62. Kelly Goss

    This cleaner is amazing! I was sceptical when I bought this as have tried every product out there to remove the thick black mould from my bathroom. I sprayed & went back 10 minutes later to expect to be scrubbing & boom it was gone!

  63. vanessa abson

    Thankyou so much for this product it was recommended by a friend . It is magic in a bottle . I had a pair of white shower curtains which i could not get clean this was the third time of trying to get rid of the mildew . i was ready for throwing them away . but i used this product and was literally ” ASTONISHED” all the marks had been removed within minutes . then i tackled a corner of the the bathroom ceiling which we have trouble with . It vanished in a minute .

  64. Cheryl Catherine

    This is the best I have ever used

  65. Jan

    This stuff is amazing cleaned my kitchen floor tiles which were black after 10 years and they came up looking like new without much scrubbing

  66. Rachel White

    This stuff is amazing! Sprayed on my grout around bath and taps. Left it for 5 mins and literally the majority of the mould and black gunk wiped away. There was very minimal scrubbing. Amazing stuff. So cheap but so good. Thank you Astonish! X

  67. Angela M Rapsey

    I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently the Mould and Mildrew Buster worked. A fantastic product at a very reasonable price !!!

  68. Ashley

    This stuff is unreal!
    Spray it on leave for 5 and the build up is gone! Never used a better product.

  69. Lorraine Charlton


  70. Frank Johnson

    At last a Mold & Mildew Remover that actually works.
    Fantastic product at a realistic price — well done The London Oil & Refining Co!!

  71. Miss Sylvia

    Best mould spray I have used, 1 spray and its gone in seconds 👌 Definitely won’t use any other brand except astonish.

  72. Matthew

    Fab product! My wall was covered in black mold; sprayed this all over the wall and left it for 5 minutes and all the mold had gone.

  73. Ed Collins

    Came across this product entirely by a chance reference online and followed up some of the reviews which, to be fair, seemed a bit over the top. So, bought the product to see if it really would work on the mould on a couple of blinds which had resisted everything else tried to clean the material. To cut a long story short: if I had not bought the product and applied it myself, quite frankly I would not have believed the results!! Entirely in line with those reviews I’d read online: the vertical slatted blind is now immaculate; and the roller-blind in the shower-room restored to its former self. I had been considering replacing both as the only real solution to eradicate the unsightly appearance. Quite a saving, having avoided that solution.

  74. Rita

    After suffering from allergies due to mould in my house… I found this product, used it just twice, and all my mould problems vanished… It really kills those bacteria caused by mould. It cleans perfectly well. The smell is gone from my bedroom. This is the best product ever

  75. Sheila Nicholson


  76. Wanda Heaton

    Best product I have ever used in 42 years

  77. Ian Hewlett

    I have used this product on a caravan blind that had got sticky kids fingers over it and then left over winter.

    This worked very well but you need to be very careful as it can remove colour. always test first

  78. Graham

    Absolutely fantastic! Rented flat had a huge problem with damp following flooding. Before moving I discovered huge amounts of mould behind furniture. This stuff dealt with it within minutes and left no marks!

  79. Stuart M

    This is honestly the best mould and mildew remover we have ever used – and we recommend it to all our clients!

    • Astonish Admin

      Thanks very much for posting on Youtube!

  80. Jess McDowell

    It is the best product I have ever used. Problem is I cannot always get it in South Africa.
    I have used
    1 Mould and Mildew
    2 stain removal on clothes
    3 kitchen cleaner

  81. Adelle De Wet

    Absolutely brilliant stuff. It’s like magic. No back breaking work needed. Would buy it again the next time I’m in the shops.

  82. Anita

    I had awful mould/mildew on my vertical blinds in the conservatory, saw a review for this product, so thought I would give it a try before ordering new blinds.
    I sprayed it on and left it, after 15 minutes I could see the mould disappearing, another 10 minutes and it had completely gone. I was amazed, they look like new.
    Marvellous product

  83. Graham Elliottt

    Anazing for spraying fence panels in the garden!!
    Clears the green mould without scrubbing.

    Try it

  84. Pamela Norman

    Cleaned my roller blind which had really thick mould at the bottom. Wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it. Required the minimum amount of rubbing with a damp cloth and then rinsed in bath. This is even though it says not suitable for fabric.

  85. Laura

    There are many similar products for removing mould from tiled bathrooms, but their instructions say not to use on painted walls. However older homes in the UK may not have double glazing, vented windows or central heating; with resulting winter condensation spreading mould to paintwork, even when dehumidifiers are used. Using Astonish on the wall around the window was as easy as shown on the video, mould wiped off straight away and after rinsing, product did not damage my new paintwork.

  86. Cigdem

    With this price ,priceless cleaning all my black dotes where ever in place in house gone and never been back since 3 years.
    Just spray leave for 2 hrs no need to wipe of.
    Thank you

  87. Zoe

    I’ve never seen this range before but I noticed it in Asda last week, unfortunately at this time of year we get mouldy patches in the windows & corners of ceilings. I have tried another product ‘with a bang’ that I have to say did work but smells v strongly but when I used Astonish I was amazed how fast it cleared it up! It does have an odour but not acrid. It’s too soon to know if it will come back but I will be buying this regularly its top!!

  88. Sue

    My daughter introduced me to this product all I can say is fantastic the result is amazing and now use all astonish products

  89. Colin Parnell

    My boat had succumbed to huge amounts of mould making the upholstery on the boat look awful and saddened me to think how the boats value could have dropped from this.

    I tried a couple of other chemicals on small areas and they did an average job.

    My wife suggested Astonish and I tried it and OMG, WOW. It was amazing. I know I sound like a TV commercial, but really that was my reaction.

    After just an hour of spraying and gentle rubbing (not even scrubbing) my prized possession looked like brand new again, and I saw the value of my boat return, and the thought of the enjoyment I get from using it with family and friends made me so happy.

    Its not a big boat, just a small speedboat, but if this works as well on everything I seriously suggest you dont waste time and effort and money on other cleaning products, this REALLY works brilliantly.

    I bought more bottles online to replenish my wifes stock and have some ready for the future.

    (My wife gave me a half empty bottle with no expectation of being able to do the whole boat, so I used it very sparingly and did actually manage to do the whole boat (8 seats).

  90. Ruth Jewitt

    This product is amazing – I am so pleased to have found this range – not only does it make the job easier it is not tested on animals. The most hated cleaning job for me, the shower & bath has become effortless – I am truly ASTONISHED !!

  91. Hazel Alleyne

    I just had to write to let you know your products amazing!! I recently used the mould and mildew remover and it proved 100% more effective than other more expensive brands. I then tried the Kitchen, bathroom and shower cleaner and this is a brilliant find, effective and quick to use. They are amazing value at a reasonable price from my local supermarket I definitely will be trying more of the products!!! Thank you and please don’t change them.

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Full Description
  • Blasts away mould & mildew in minutes
  • No scrubbing required. Simply spray, leave and wipe clean
  • Leaves surfaces hygienically clean
  • The active formula helps prevent the return of mould, giving you a long lasting cleaning solution
  • Ideal for use on walls, uPVC window frames, glass, plastic shower curtains, bathroom tiles, grout, silicone sealant, concrete, sinks and plugholes
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Amazingly Good Stuff!!

I just had to write to let you know your products amazing!! I recently used the mould and mildew remover and it proved 100% more effective than other more expensive brands. I then tried the Kitchen, bathroom and shower cleaner and this is a brilliant find, effective and quick to use. They are amazing value at a reasonable price from my local supermarket I definitely will be trying more of the products!!! Thank you and please don't change them.

Hazel Alleyne, Barbados, West Indies

Highest Rating

Astonish by name...

I am writing to let you know your products are aptly named, I recently used your mould and mildew remover and it proved 100% more effective than other more expensive brands. I then tried the window and glass cleaner and this is a brilliant find, effective and quick to use. The leather cleaner is just as good. They are amazing value at a pound each from my local factory shop which has quite a comprehensive range. I will be working my way through them all!

Edward Poulsom

Lowest Rating

Amazingly Good Stuff!!

I just had to write to let you know your products amazing!! I recently used the mould and mildew remover and it proved 100% more effective than other more expensive brands. I then tried the Kitchen, bathroom and shower cleaner and this is a brilliant find, effective and quick to use. They are amazing value at a reasonable price from my local supermarket I definitely will be trying more of the products!!! Thank you and please don't change them.

Hazel Alleyne, Barbados, West Indies

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How To Use

Spray onto the area. Leave for 3-4 minutes then wipe with a damp cloth and rinse with water. Repeat if necessary.
Avoid contact with rubber, vinyl, damaged paintwork, aluminium, copper, brass, chrome, gold plated surfaces, varnished wood, damaged enamel, and unglazed ceramic tiles. Rinse immediately if contact is made.
Do not allow product to contact fabrics, clothes, carpets, and upholstery as permanent damage will occur.
Product may run on vertical surfaces. If necessary spray onto a soft damp cloth or sponge and apply with a circular motion to avoid product run off.
Contains bleach. Check colour compatibility on uPVC, painted or wallpapered surfaces before use as a cleaner.