Original Oven and Cookware Cleaner (150g)

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Our Original Oven & Cookware Cleaner is the pinnacle of our cleaning range, tackling the cleaning jobs other cleaners simply can’t. Removing tough dirt and grime to restore items to like new and with no harsh chemicals there’s no need to wear gloves. Happy cleaning.

Original Oven and Cookware Cleaner (150g)

41 reviews for Original Oven and Cookware Cleaner (150g)

  1. Sarah

    This is the best product I ever used in my entire life I used other products but nothing is better than astonish and it really is astonishing stuff remarkable stuff absolutely remarkable”

  2. Liam Webster

    I saw this product on a Facebook DIY page and bought some and tried it, Can’t believe how well it works with minimum effort, I’ve spent the last 2 days cleaning everything in my house! try it, a product that is not expensive and really does work!

  3. Bunny

    This shower cleaner is no-fuss no-muss to use. Does exactly what it says – just squirt and let the shower do the work! There’s no strong chemical odour and of course it’s not tested on animals. At the best price – why use anything else? Save the elbow grease and the suffering too.

  4. Paul

    This Astonish cleaning paste is the original cleaning paste out there on the market and has many uses. I use it for cleaning my oven and pans, cleaning my stainless steel and cleaning my car alloy wheels. It has many more uses. This is the best paste you can buy. There are others out there on the market that have copied the Astonish cleaning paste. This one is the best.

  5. Ellie Samworth

    I needed something to clean my oven with for ages and i am glad i came across Astonish and this lovely product! Easy application and clear instructions on how to use and my kitchen looks amazing now! Other high street brands leave marks where as Astonish does the job. Thank you!

  6. Melissa Allam

    Fab little product, impressed how easily it got cooked on food off the oven glass. Also got the rust marks off my hob splashback!

  7. Ashleigh Bremer

    This cleans like an absolute dream! Even burnt/stuck on food that’s not come off in the dishwasher!

  8. Linda Grant

    I bought myself a new fancy N*ff oven with the fancy tuck under door. Imagine my dismay when I realised despite scrubbing the tray after each use with normal washing up liquid and a scourer the tray was terribly marked, it seemed permanently. Even my clean freak husband was unable to scrub it spotless. I tried loads of different cleaners to no avail. Fast forward to picking up this product in the local pound store as a last chance try and it started to clean it up! Since then I’ve used this cleaner about every second time I use the oven to keep on top of it. Full marks to Astonish and makes me feel even better that it’s a vegan, cruelty free product that doesn’t rip my hands to pieces!!!

  9. Lynsey

    Absolutely fantastic product. So easy to use, hardly any elbow grease needed at all! Pleasant smelling and no nasties!

  10. Sophie williams

    Absolutely love this product never fails to bring up anything I need to clean, on the oven and Hob leaves things shiny and smear free highly recommended, my go to product.

  11. Charlotte

    Absolutely love this product and couldn’t recommend enough! I had some incredibly stubborn cooked on food on the oven/hob and couldn’t find anything that would shift it until my stepmum recommended this product to me and I’m so glad she did!

  12. Hollie

    Worked wonders on our oven goods… no harsh chemicals but excellent results! Very impressed especially after trying another well known brand previously which took my breath away it was so chemically, something very important to us with a young baby and pets in the house!

  13. sabby g

    I have used harsher products to clean my oven and they didn’t come close to this. This requires a little elbow grease but will remove cooked on grease in little time. I love that it has no harsh chemicals, no noxious fumes and is cruelty-free like all Astonish products. And it works! My oven door is sparkly now! I can recommend this product.

  14. Sally Kelly

    This stuff is amazing! It succeeds where SOOOO many others have failed and now my entire oven and cooktop quite literally sparkle. So easy to use, and judging by how much you need to use, it will last for ages. So glad I’ve discovered this product.

  15. Emma McRobie

    Love love love this product. It works so well removing baked in food and grease with very little effort at all. I was amazed at the results of my oven after my 1st use and now I wouldn’t use anything else.

  16. Susan Richardson

    Absolutely amazing. Made a paste and used a washing up brush. 15 minutes and wiped off.

  17. Natasha

    I bought this to use as oven cleaner, but today I tried it on the top of the stove. It’s never shined like it does now!

  18. Leda Rodrigues

    I am a cleaning company, and I use to all your products. The Astonish oven cleaner that you have is amazing!

  19. Ellie

    Best product ever gets rid of everything, i even use it on other things like getting paint off of my desk. Works wonders on your hob 10/10 5 stars wow

  20. Deanna

    Great product

  21. Raymond Bailey

    I recommended this product to my customers who had range style cooker (AGA, Stanley,Essay etc:) who found it did what it said on the tin, with a small amount of elbow grease.
    On a return annual service the appliance was always sparklingly clean. A pleasure to do a return service.
    Still using a container bought a while ago. A little goes a long way.

  22. Jackie

    Never without this stuff. It’s so good, it inspires my hubby to scrub pots.

  23. Claire Goodwin

    This stuff is incredible!! I would never stop using this now I’ve tried it!

  24. peter mchugh

    Having used this product for several years I have to say after trying other competitors products Astonish paste is a class above

  25. Natasha

    This stuff is absolutely fantastic. My oven is gleaming and with hardly any effort. Will not be using anything else.
    Amazing value for money also.

  26. Ros Lamb

    Simply the best! My mother used to swear by it, as do I, (and I’m in my late 60s, so that’s a lot of years of cleaning!) It’s so effective and so versatile. It cleans everything in the kitchen, oven, hob, grill, worktop, stubborn stains on pans (including non-stick with no damage), cutlery and crockery, tiles, paint, upvc window frames (really good at that!), sinks, taps, the list goes on and on. Actually, I don’t think there’s anything it won’t clean!

  27. Anne Long

    Tried this for the first time ,it was excellent on my oven and glass ,definitely use again .

  28. Louise Setab

    After trying everything from bleach to other leading brand “scrub” products with no success on stains on my window frames- using this oven and cookware cleaner on a clean cloth tuck the marks of sticky residue off straight away! now I use it in my everyday cleaning to remove almost any mark or dirt!!

  29. Ashleigh

    Absolutely insane cleaning!!
    Cleaned my oven door no problem! Ashamed to say it hadn’t ever been done in the 2 years iv had it!

    Will definitely be buying it again 😁

  30. Sheila

    This product is fantastic! Highly recommend, I have had two cream leather dining chairs my son used to like sitting on with his laptop when he lived at home the blue dye from his jeans had badly marked them I have tried allsorts of expensive cleaning product with no success, I was going to replace them, I had originally bought this for my oven I thought I’d give it a try it removed every bit of the blue dye with hardly any effort , I was the one astonished! Have since bought this for my family and friends and cannot recommend it enough

  31. Mrs Margaret Goodchild

    Have used your oven and cookware cleaner and found it “astonishing”. Certainly goes with the company name. Have recommended it to several friends but have been finding it difficult to locate. Originally purchased in a Poundstretcher store but doesn’t seem to be on their shelves anymore. Will keep looking of course. Have seen from your stockist list you mention Savers so will be trying there now. Our cooker has never looked so clean. Thank you.

  32. Diane Holohan

    I bought this in Aldi this is the best hob cleaner I have used went to get more but they had sold out. Highly recommend this product

  33. Sue

    This product does so much more than just cleaning ovens and cookware. I’ve used it for years and it’s quite remarkable, the money I’ve saved people, for instance not having to replace their UPVC windows because of marks they thought would never come off after rubbing the frames gently. There’s no smelly odours or fumes either using this product.

  34. Delyse Hutchings

    Absolutely brilliant. No nasty smell. So quick and easy. The dirt just fell off.

  35. Christine Gilbert

    Ceramic hob and metal on cooker is now sparkling and smells of lemon – fab product

  36. John Ross

    A truly five star product. Indispensable for cleaning pots and pans, yet gentle enough when applied on a soft cloth for an occasional quick clean of silverware – forks, spoons, etc. But… Yes, there is a but! I want to buy it in the old tubs without the eco-unfriendly throw-away scrubber/sponge, and plastic interliner shield.

  37. D Conway

    Wow. I used some of this hob cleaner on a microfibre cloth to attempt to clean a silver photo frame. The results blew me away. The cloth was black and the frame was shining. Thank you. I love it.

  38. May

    It’s so easy to use and I don’t think I’ve ever seen my oven this clean. I’ve already recommended and convinced my mum to buy it too. I’ve used it on my oven and all of my metal pots and pans. It’s so good at removing grease and heat marks.

  39. Gillian Bladen-Clark

    Amazed at this product. Better than anything else on anything sticky and greasy. I’ve had amazing results on:
    – my glass extractor hood which gather a sticky layer of dust. Brought that off with just a few wipes.
    – jam jars where I’ve washed off the label. Gets the remaining blobs of glue off completely.
    – my glass over doors. I’ve tried over cleaner on that before, but it made little difference. About 20 mins with Astonish and it took off 10yrs of burnt on grease. Looks like a new oven.
    – my toaster. Shiny steel again, looks like new

  40. Ros Lamb

    Superb product. My mother used to use this, and so do I. There’s always somed in my kitchen, it’s safeand reliable and IT WORKS!

  41. Matthew Horley

    Unbelievable stuff! Works every time for me when I’ve cleaned no end of different types of ovens and hobs.

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Full Description
  • Tackles the jobs other cleaners can’t, making easy work of oven grime and baked on food on cookware, restoring items to like new
  •  In a new easy to use tub format
  •  No harsh chemicals and no need to wear gloves, unlike many other oven cleaners
  • Tried & tested, we’re Good Housekeeping Institute Approved
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Highly recommend

Unbelievable stuff! Works every time for me when I've cleaned no end of different types of ovens and hobs.

Matthew Horley, Leamington Spa, UK

Highest Rating


I saw this product on a Facebook DIY page and bought some and tried it, Can’t believe how well it works with minimum effort, I’ve spent the last 2 days cleaning everything in my house! try it, a product that is not expensive and really does work!

Liam Webster

Lowest Rating

Highly recommend

Unbelievable stuff! Works every time for me when I've cleaned no end of different types of ovens and hobs.

Matthew Horley, Leamington Spa, UK

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How To Use

For use on oven enamel, glass & racking, glazed cookware & ceramics, steel pan interiors and Pyrex.

Dampen a clean sponge, nylon scouring pad or soft cloth with clean warm water, scoop a small quantity of product and apply to the surface. Rub with a circular motion. Rinse with clean water or wipe with a clean cloth to remove residue.

Caution: This product is abrasive. Do not use on plastics, non-stick coatings, polished metal surfaces or brushed stainless steel. Do not use on cracked or damaged enamel/glazing. If unsure check compatibility on a small inconspicuous area before use as a cleaner. Unplug electrical appliances before cleaning and refer to manufacturer care and maintenance instructions.