Fabric Stain Remover (750ml)

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Our fabric stain remover is a cupboard staple, on hand to swiftly remove stains from fabrics instantly or for treating prior to washing. Top tip, try not to let the stain dry, tackle it as soon as possible to save you time in the long run.

Fabric Stain Remover (750ml)

26 reviews for Fabric Stain Remover (750ml)

  1. ROSA

    I really love this product for stains because is the best pre-laundry wash spray! Thank you from Cyprus!!!

  2. Eleanor Cohen

    Flipping Brilliant Product! I’m pleased to report that liberal amounts of this product and an anti stain washer programme has returned a brand new Real Madrid kit back to pristine White after a morning of football, phew!!

  3. Jo Clarke

    I was going to throw out a much loved gold pleated silk lampshade because of fly dirts! Then I tried Astonish stain remover target spray! All gone, and no water stains! Good for a few more years! Thank you!

  4. Donna Green

    To give this product anything less than perfect marks just isn’t right! I’ve used this today on a cream cushion cover. It had two large blood stains on from the tiniest cut ever seen which bled profusely. There were also muddy paw prints from the dog. I used to worry about stains like these but not any longer. Now I’ve discovered astonish products there is no need. Today’s stain I sprayed soaked in some warm water with a scoop of Astonish Oxy Plus and then bunged it in the washer along with the grey trousers I was wearing. They both look like new. No marks or ghost marks just clean items. I’ve us d this spray on lots of things, delicates not so delicates and all sorts of stains. I’ve never once had to reapply or use my stain bar since finding the spray. Awesome stuff, is should be in everyone’s cupboard as it’s essential for treating tough stains!

  5. Dee Murray

    I use this to pre treat stains on the family laundry I cannot be without it now its THAT good, especially for the baby’s clothes. And such good value for money.

  6. Tracey

    Great for stubborn stains whether it a soak before a wash or if chucked straight in washer. Also helps that it smells amazing. Love this always use it

  7. Lawrence O’Shaughnessy

    I use this on all stains and it has never let me down! It’s right at the front of my cupboard ready for use. Has saved many clothes and carpets even removing pasta sauce. I can’t recommend this enough, and despite me previously using vanish this is even better and saves so much money

  8. Merryn kessell

    Hey Astonish! Wanted to leave this as I feel this product is an absolute saviour for mums and dads with young children who have beans for school dinners!!! Those stains are the work of the devil and this product is fantastic for really lifting it off as a pre wash treatment. It’s a light and foamy texture which rubs into fabric really well and it’s really pleasant smelling. Ive always got a bottle as this as a staple product as I always need it. I find other brands really irritating towards my eczema and sting almost immediately as soon as I have contact with my hands. This however I’ve had absolutely no problems with and you won’t believe what a relief to find house hold products it is that don’t irritate! Keep up the amazing work. ☺

  9. Grace Casey

    This is the only fabric strain remover I will use, at such an affordable price it is amazing. It also smells very clean! I work in a nursery so you can imagine what stains I get on my clothes, this stain remover manages to get even the toughest of stains out, I am impressed!

  10. D Mcgregor

    I honestly think I’m starting to just look for any stains to use this on, I honestly can’t recommend it enough! Life saver when it comes to baby and toddler clothes! It’s become a regular part of my laundry routine.

  11. Pip Lawrance

    This stuff works absolute magic! Especially when my 4 month old leaks out of his nappy and all over his clothes. Never found any stain remover that works better than this!

  12. Hollie

    Amazing product, used this to bring a stain up off my sofa and it worked wonders! One of many of the astonish range that I can’t be without! Love the fact it’s vegan too so guilt free!!

  13. Emma McRobie

    The go to product if you have young children!!! I use this all the time especially when cleaning dirty trainers. They always come out as new. I have tried all other well named brands and always been disappointed. Now I have found Astonish Stain Remover I wouldn’t use anything else. It also helps our family that it is so reasonably priced.

  14. Karen casey

    This is amazing stuff I do washing for a lot of the elderly so underwear can’t be soiled this stuff gets it clean

  15. Gail Conroy

    Last Christmas a guest dropped a glass of red wine which splashed all up my white patio blinds. I was convinced that I would have to replace them. I sprayed them white vinegar to no available, so as a last resort I spray soaked them with this stain remover. The following morning the stains were gone! Still raving about it to friends and family. Moves felt tip and all sorts from school shirts too.


    I thought I’d ruined a white top with the pollen from Lilly stamens. My whole left sleeve was covered.
    I sprayed a couple of times and left to soak. Added the oxi powder to the wash and to my amazement came out clean

  17. T goldsmith

    I have tried so many stain removers and paid loads of money, this stain remover gets all marks out of everything. A really fantastic product

  18. Happy girl

    fabulous product but out of stock everywhere for weeks now, Boyes, Yorkshire Trading, etc.

  19. Emma poole

    Best ever
    I use this on so much stuff
    Better than any other stain remover on the market and I’ve tried them all
    Mum life ??

  20. Sandra Oosthuizen

    It is the best product to use for stains on cloths, but . . . are now struggle to find it in any grocery store. As a full time working mom I can not go without it! I really need it. It makes life much easier.

  21. Caroline

    I find this product excellent if I could give it 💯 I would but I’m finding it hard to get I bought 50 bottles and used it all I’m on to my last bottle it’s great on any stain clothes carpets any fabric

  22. Pauline Mandel

    The BEST stain remover I have ever used along with the Astonish stain removing powder. Please pretty please get Poundland to re stock it!

  23. Alimuddin Baksh

    I have tried the product along with several other Astonish Products and this and all the others works terrific. As the name says Astonish I was.

  24. Rebecca Laing

    This is the best stain remover iv ever used…with 4 children 1 who has constant nose bleeds and a baby with explosive nappies and messy eating habits ,this is the only one that has saved me from having to get new bedding a clothes.
    Only issue is i struggle to find it in stock at the moment 🙁

  25. Kristy Stovell

    I have been using the product for the last few years, and wish it was stocked in more places, as every time I go to replenish it it’s always out of stock. This is the only product which seems to get out every single stain and doesn’t irritate my super sensitive skin. Please please please do not discontinue this product. It’s absolutely amazingly and the best stain remover on the market in my opinion.

  26. Fariha Ali

    i am super satisfied.

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Full Description
  • On hand to swiftly remove and loosens the stains instantly
  • Can also be used to treat tougher stains prior to washing
  • The active formula penetrates deep into fibres to break down and disperse the stain
  •  Whilst tough on stains formulated to be gentle of fibres
  •  Suitable for white & coloured fabrics
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Best product for both colored or white fabric

i am super satisfied.

Fariha Ali, Karachi

Highest Rating

five star

I have tried the product along with several other Astonish Products and this and all the others works terrific. As the name says Astonish I was.

Alimuddin Baksh, Trinidad and Tobago

Lowest Rating

Best product for both colored or white fabric

i am super satisfied.

Fariha Ali, Karachi

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How To Use

Remove excess soiling by blotting/dabbing if wet or gently brushing if dry. Treat stains immediately and before they dry for best results. Spray the stained fabric on both sides and leave for 10 minutes. Hand or machine wash as appropriate with your normal laundry detergent.

Caution: Check for colour fastness on a small inconspicuous area before use. Follow garment care label instructions. Test silk and other delicate fabrics on a small inconspicuous area before use. Not suitable for use on flameproof or waterproof fabrics, velvet, leather or suede.