Daily Shower Shine Hibiscus Blossom (750ml)

SKU : C3400

We think our Special Aromatic Edition Daily Shower Shine is a sparkler.  A winner all round. With a fragrant blossom scent, our Daily Shower Shine with essential oil will leave your shower feeling as invigorated as you do. Spray over surfaces after use to prevent the build-up of watermarks and limescale, reducing the need for that deep clean.

Daily Shower Shine Hibiscus Blossom (750ml)


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Full Description
  •  Quick and easy daily cleaning solution, simply spray and leave, no scrubbing required
  •  Works to dissolve soap scrum and water marks leaving a crystal clear shine
  • Regular use helps prevent limescale build-up
  • Use on plastic & glass screens, enamel trays, tiles and vinyl curtains
  • With an floral hibiscus blossom scent
How To Use

Shower, spray and leave. Repeat daily.

In hard water areas use Astonish Bathroom Cleaner to remove Limescale build-up.

Do not use on fabrics, wood, brass, limestone, marble or any damaged surface.