Daily Shower Shine (750ml)

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We think our daily shower is a sparkler. Use after showering, simply spray over surfaces to prevent the build-up of watermarks & limescale and reducing the need for that deep clean. A winner all round.

Daily Shower Shine (750ml)

18 reviews for Daily Shower Shine (750ml)

  1. Hjorleifur

    good product

  2. Bunny

    This shower cleaner is no-fuss no-muss to use. Does exactly what it says – just squirt and let the shower do the work! There’s no strong chemical odour and of course it’s not tested on animals. At the best price – why use anything else? Save the elbow grease and the suffering too.

  3. Sharon Steel

    Love Daily Shower Shine. We had a new bathroom fitted 3 years ago and have used it daily, it takes a minute, and the tiling is still good as new. Not a trace of mould or discoloration in the grouting. Would highly recommend.

  4. Rosie Halley

    Love this product, leaves the shower sparkling without the need for scrubbing, just spray, and hey presto, another ticked off the to do list.

  5. Gwenda Williams

    Daily shower shine used everyday leaves the shower and tiles sparkling an affordable cleaner thst works.

  6. Grace Casey

    I use this spray every day after my shower, I just spray this on my shower and all of the metal and it’s so shiney!

  7. Chloéc Warren-Ross

    This product is amazing, we live in a hard water area and so timescale is a real issue. This product prevents the build up and leaves the glass sparkly too!!

  8. Laura

    We live a hard water area and was always getting water marks in our walk in glass shower.
    I use Astonish bathroom cleaner, then after every shower I spray the glass and tiles with this and as if by magic no more water marks!

    Saying goodbye to my microfibre clothes!

  9. Karen casey

    Works well don’t bother buying mr muscle
    This stuff is a 100 times better and a fraction of the price

  10. Leonora May

    This stuff is sensational! Literally takes all the labour out of cleaning the glass in a shower – even my metal shower head and taps! I love it and can’t live without it now. It honestly does the same job as someone with glass cleaner rubbing down the shower doors on your hands and knees with a cloth.

  11. Brenda Gwenyth Hayden

    Have used this product for a couple of years and despite trying other brands this is definitely the best.

  12. Claire Goodwin

    Daily shower shine is a winner!! I just spray this on after showering and leave it! It’s not harsh and really works so I don’t have to do a huge deep clean!!

  13. Julie Bennett

    Love love love this product. Keeps shower super sparkly but cannot get hold of it anywhere 🙁

  14. Gill taylor

    Just found this product. Its amazing. Just spray on shower doors and walk away. It cleans the doors 100% .
    Reccomending this product to all. I am disabled and struggle to clean the doors. Now i spray and go.
    Thank you for inventing this ace product. Its changed my life. Now i can clean the shower with no help .

  15. Muhammad yasin

    Great job

  16. Marian.

    This is by far the best product on the market, it leaves no streaks of marks. It is also difficult to find in the shops.

  17. S Griffiths

    By far the best shower cleaning product that I have tried. Up there with the big name brands in my opinion and half the price. I am asked constantly how I keep my shower screen so clean and streak free.
    Makes my job easy and the results are brilliant.

  18. Jill Carole Balquin

    Gives a virtually smear free shine and so easy to apply.

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Full Description
  •  Quick and easy daily cleaning solution, simply spray and leave, no scrubbing required
  •  Works to dissolve soap scrum and water marks leaving a crystal clear shine
  • Regular use helps prevent limescale build-up
  • Use on plastic & glass screens, enamel trays, tiles and vinyl curtains
  • With an fresh Ocean Mist scent
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Does what it says on the tin

Gives a virtually smear free shine and so easy to apply.

Jill Carole Balquin, LEOMINSTER

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good product

good product


Lowest Rating

Does what it says on the tin

Gives a virtually smear free shine and so easy to apply.

Jill Carole Balquin, LEOMINSTER

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How To Use

Shower, spray and leave. Repeat daily.

In hard water areas use Astonish Bathroom Cleaner to remove Limescale build-up.

Do not use on fabrics, wood, brass, limestone, marble or any damaged surface.