Car Care Tar & Insect Remover (750ml)

SKU : C1576

Our car care range has been developed to give your car an all-round professional finish. Our Tar & Insect Remover will rid your car of dried on residues including insects, tar, bird droppings, oil and fuel. Simply spray and wash, let the formula do the hard work. Happy Motoring.

Car Care Tar & Insect Remover (750ml)


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Full Description
  • Lifts and removes those stubborn dried on residues including insects & bird droppings, tar, oil and fuel
  • Spray on before washing with Wash & Wax OR use alone for instant spot removal
  • Use on problem areas such as bumpers
How to use

For pre wash treatment, hose dirt and loose grit off, the spray liberally onto surface and wash car as normal. For removal of traffic film, apply as above and wipe over with cloth or sponge. Repeat if necessary.

For heavy deposits leave for 30 seconds before wiping. Rinse with water.