Floor Cleaner Cotton Breeze (1L)

SKU : C2620

We’ve developed our floor cleaner with built-in dirt repelling technology to leave a protective coating after cleaning, preventing further staining after use. Now we can’t stop the kids leaving their dirty shoe marks as soon as you’ve finished but we can make it easier for you next time you go to mop the floor.

Floor Cleaner Cotton Breeze (1L)


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Full Description
  • Removes dirt & grime, cleaning to a sparkling shine
  • With dirt repelling technology to leave a protective coating after cleaning helping to prevent further staining
  • Concentrated, dilute to use
  • In a fresh cotton breeze fragrance, bringing the outside in
How to use

Mix 2 capfuls (60ml) with 5 litres of clean warm water. Apply to flooring using a cotton, microfiber or pad mop. For heavy soiling use double the dose above. Allow the floor to fully dry before use.

Caution: For use on sealed flooring. Follow the flooring manufacturer’s care and maintenance instructions where known. Do not use on carpets, fabrics or porous surfaces.

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