Fabric Refresher Cotton Fresh (750ml)

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Our fabric refresher is on hand to bring that just washed freshness back to those hard to wash items like curtains and carpets or, as we like to do, give you that extra couple of days use out of your bedding or clothing before the big weekend wash.

Fabric Refresher Cotton Fresh (750ml)

16 reviews for Fabric Refresher Cotton Fresh (750ml)

  1. Hannah

    Just what the house needs to keep it smelling fresh!

  2. Julie wood

    Amazing product, smells amazing and doesn’t fade , house smells so clean

  3. Ruby

    Absolutely love this fabric refresher. One of my fave products!!!

  4. Helen Beckett

    Absolutely love this!! Always used Febreze on my dogs beds in particular.

    Tried the Astonish fabric freshness for the first time on my caravan cushions and went in a couple of weeks later and could still smell the freshness. I love this!!
    Well done guys on another fab product

  5. Ayesha Bird

    If you are in 2 minds as to whether to try this or not I would fully recommend, it is really fresh with a lovely long lasting scent.

  6. Bethan

    Love this product. Makes everything smell so clean and fresh in between cleans! Always get lots of compliments on the smell of things when I’ve used this too!

  7. Felicity

    I absolutely love this fabric refresher. It literally does what it says on the bottle. I use it mainly on my sofa’s and to freshen up my bed. The cotton smell lasts for ages, soon as i walk in to a room or sit on the sofa, i can smell it. 10 out of 10 from me.

  8. Kate

    This Fabric Refresher smells lovely, it’s so fresh and sticks to fabrics really well. I live in an open plan studio apartment and often worry that cooking smells will linger on fabrics and furnishings but this fabric refresher has kept everything smelling fresh and clean. The bottle is a good size, I spray it liberally every evening after cooking yet the bottle seems to last forever! Amazing yet again, Astonish!

  9. S lloyd

    Can’t recomend this product enough. Something I absolutely could not live without using with in my cleaning business. All my clients love when I leave their homes immaculate using only the best astonish ofcourse! This Has such a good scent that lasts! And for only £1 it is amazing value for money. Yet to come across an astonish product that I don’t like. Keep it up!!

  10. Claire

    Amazing stuff!!! I really love it. The only draw back is it’s nearly impossible to get these days as it’s sold out everywhere 🙁

  11. Chigozie Onyeji

    This product is amazing ,it cleans basically everything

  12. David

    Valeting a family car after fixing a long term sunroof leak AND used as regular transport for a Labrador. The interior cleaned up ok but there was a lingering musty smell. My wife suggested ASTONISH – FABRIC REFRESHER (COTTON FRESH). I used it on the seats, headrests, seat backs, floor carpet and boot carpet. The musty smell has gone and the Fabric Refresher smell is pleasant. I hope that the musty smell has gone for good and the new smell will remain; time will tell but there is plenty of the product left if I need to re-apply!

  13. Vogue

    I mean I have never smelt anything like it. So much stronger and longer lasting than any of the other brands. I literally can not wait to spray this stuff, I use it daily!!

  14. Sarah Jones

    I love this stuff! Not too strong a scent and ideal for refreshing a very lightly worn item of clothing e.g. a cashmere jumper or generally refreshing curtains and upholstery. My only gripe is that I can’t find it on sale anywhere anymore!!

  15. sarah

    good smell lovely plentys time 2 week i have 5 spray crazy lol love it all spray

  16. Shane Murphy

    Better than fabreze and cheaper

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Full Description
  •  Bring that just washed instant freshness back too hard to launder item such as carpets, chairs and curtains. Can also be use freshen up clothing and bedding
  •  Neutralises unpleasant odours
  •  Leaves items with a line dried cotton fresh scent
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Astonish fabric fresh

Better than fabreze and cheaper

Shane Murphy, Sheffield

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Just what the house needs to keep it smelling fresh!


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Astonish fabric fresh

Better than fabreze and cheaper

Shane Murphy, Sheffield

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How To Use

Spray or mist onto fabrics and allow to dry.

Caution: Do not use on flameproof, waterproof, leather or suede fabrics. Test on a small inconspicuous area before use on delicate fabrics or where watermarks may occur.