Rolling up our sleeves for over 40 Years

From humble beginnings selling our Original Oven & Cookware Cleaner door to door. We’re now a second generation family business making over 60 products right here in West Yorkshire, helping hobs to shine, cars to gleam and stains to vanish across the country.

Tough Never cruel

We do things right, and that’s not just our cleaning results. We’re proud pioneers of animal-friendly cleaning products and never test our products on animals or use animal ingredients. Simple.

Keeping It Local

Local is close to our heart. It’s how we reduce our carbon footprint and build great relationships in the community.

It's In The Family

We’re a friendly bunch of around 70, led by our owner-manager Howard, whose father Alan started Astonish over 40 years ago and who still likes to pop his head around the door and say hi.

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